How to Get Golden Weapons in Overwatch 2


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While Overwatch 2’s free-to-play model has players paying actual money for cool cosmetics, one cosmetic signifies a good player ever since the first game—the Golden Weapon.

How to Get Golden Weapons in Overwatch 2

Out of all the cosmetics in the game, the Golden Weapons are the only ones that players have to play for to obtain truly; that’s why when you see a Widowmaker or Roadhog brandishing something in gold in the kill cam, you’ll know a pro took you out.

So How to Earn Golden Weapons in Overwatch 2?

Gold Weapons Genji Overwatch 2

Earn Competitive Points

The game has four currency types: Overwatch Credits, OW Coins, League Points, and Competitive Points. While you receive credits as long as you play the different options in the game, Competitive Points are only attainable by playing Competitive Mode.

For each win in Competitive, players will receive a reward of 15 points, and ties will get a player 5 points. By the end of the season, the game will reward you with points depending on which rank you get in Competitive. Here’s the ranking:

Bronze: 65 points

Silver: 125 points

Gold: 250 points

Platinum: 500 points

Diamond: 750 points

Master: 1 200 points

Grandmaster 1 750 points

Top 500: 1 750 points

Gold Doomfist

Purchase The Golden Weapon at the Hero Gallery

Once you’ve gathered enough points—specifically 3000 Competitive Points—you can go to the Hero Gallery and select a hero of your choice. Select the Weapons tab at the bottom of the cosmetics list, pick the Golden Weapon, then spend points to unlock.

While you can buy a golden gun for any character with the points you’ve earned, players usually purchase it for their main. Then again, with a game like Overwatch 2, it’s always more helpful to know how to play a handful of heroes than to be proficient with one.

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Though unlocking the Golden Weapon mainly gives your main weapon a new sheen on the battlefield, some upgrades can also affect your hero’s other weapons; for one, buying the Golden Weapon for Ashe also turns her ultimate B.O.B. into a golden murder-bot.

Gold Bob Youtube Bizaura

Worth Its Weight in Gold

Though Golden Weapons in the game are purely cosmetic and have no value added to the gameplay, the difficulty it takes to obtain them alone makes them highly-valued in-game trophies. With each Golden Weapon costing 3000 Competitive points, you can see that the points obtained based on the ranking list will mean that you have to do a lot of grinding to get to 3000, and the fastest way to get there is just to be a good player.

Take note, you can still get Competitive points even if you rank at the bottom of the season, but at only 65 points at the Bronze level (and earning 0 points for every loss), you’ll need to go through more than nine years of Competitive matches to be able to earn enough points for a Golden Weapon—the game isn’t even that old yet.

Even players that rank in Gold and Platinum will probably have to play for a couple of seasons before they can unlock a Gold Weapon, and who knows how much time they’ll have to put in every week just to make sure they’re building enough Competitive Points to add to the Golden Weapons fund.

Ana Gold Gun

In Conclusion:

Regarding free-to-play games, players can always dish out the cash to get flashier cosmetics. Still, it’s great that the developers managed to keep a cosmetic in the game that reflects just how effective a player can be in a fight.

At least now, when you get killed by a character with a Golden Weapon, you’ll have a good idea of what you were going against—either a skilled player; or someone with ridiculous patience.

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