How To Get Skins in Overwatch 2


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Learn how to get skins in Overwatch 2!

How To Get Skins in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 may be a free-to-play game, but there isn’t any way to buy your way up the ranks. The game can sell players cosmetics, though, and you can access a whole bunch of skins, emotes, and victory poses for your characters.

The game comes with all these different skins to show off your characters, but how can you get them and show off on the battlefield?

A screenshot of some champions in Overwatch 2

Types of Skins

When it comes to Overwatch 2, there are five skin tiers for the game: Common/Default (White), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), Legendary (Orange), and the recently added Mythic skins—which are considered to be a tier above Legendary, and are the hardest to obtain in the game.

And since we’re talking about the Types of Skins, I guess it would make better sense to explain the…

A game still from Overwatch 2

Types of Overwatch Currency

For now, Overwatch 2 has four types of currency, which can buy different types of cosmetics in the game. The most basic form of currency in OW2 is the Overwatch Coin, which is mainly obtained with actual money but can also be earned by fulfilling challenges for the season.

Overwatch Credits are the game’s free currency, and they can be earned by playing the game and going up the Battle Pass.

Competitive Coins are earned by playing Competitive Mode, but they don’t buy skins but rather coveted ‘Golden Weapons,’ which you can read all about here.

Overwatch League Tokens/OWL Tokens are earned by watching the Overwatch League broadcast or playing the OWL Pick’em game.

A game still from Overwatch 2

What Can You Buy?

Each piece of currency in Overwatch can be used to buy a specific cosmetic, and the rarer items tend to cost actual money if you ever want to obtain them.

At the bottom of the list are the Rare skins, which can be bought with Overwatch Credits. There’s nothing too special about this tier of skins since they are just recolors of the default look of your character. You can also buy Epic skins with credits, but they are more expensive. They’re essentially ‘more thought out’ recolors of default skins and occasionally have small 3D elements changed in the model.

Legendary Skins

Next, we have the Legendary Skins, which can be primarily bought with Overwatch Coins. These skins are special since they come with new character models and weapons. Occasionally, they’ll also have skin-specific voice lines. Usually, they also come in two colors, so players can pick which one they prefer.

Overwatch League Skins can only be bought with Overwatch League Tokens. OWL skins come in two tiers: Epic and Legendary. Thanks to the numerous OWL teams, epic skins have become the most abundant in the game. Still, Legendary OWL skins are considered one of the more unique cosmetics in the game. Sometimes, they are considered better than the more easily obtained Legendary skins.

Mythic Skins

Mythic skins are considered the rarest of all the tiers and can only be obtained through the season’s Battle Pass. Unlike other skins, these cosmetics come with multiple layers that the player can customize as per their choice. Sometimes, they provide completely new animations for specific characters.

So far, Mythic skins can only be obtained in the season they were introduced. So far, Mythic skins for characters like Genji and Junker Queen have not been unlockable ever since their seasons ended. You can’t even get them with money.

A game still from Overwatch 2

Limited Events

Though some skins may not be available throughout the year, they become available for specific Overwatch events like Halloween Terror, Summer Games, Winter Wonderland, Overwatch Archives, and Lunar New Year.

Admittedly, the events worked better with Overwatch 1. Still, with introducing a new theme every season, we find some events mixing with others, including this year’s Summer Games clashing with the fantasy theme of Season 5.

Maybe you can get all skins to come for Overwatch 2’s anniversary. We’ll have to wait and see what happens this October to see what Blizzard has planned.

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