How To Get Stars in the Overwatch 2 Progression System


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Learn how to get stars in the Overwatch 2 Progression System!

How To Get Stars in the Overwatch 2 Progression System

There are multiple progression points in Overwatch 2, from Competitive to Endorsement rank. Still, there is a leftover progression track from Overwatch 1 that many players seem to forget, and it’s all about the experience.

 Players will notice stars around their character portraits in the game, and those stars track the player’s experience in Overwatch. And it can either mean someone has been playing the game for a while or is very good at it.

Overwatch 2 Progression System

Regarding progression, the portraits in the game have five main levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum/Gold, and Diamond. Once players reach the Diamond portrait border, they can still level up, but the border will stay the same.

24 OW2 Progression
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Essentially, everyone else starts at Bronze and earns a star for every 100 levels, and once they get up to 5 stars, their level will move on to the next color.

Though Competitive Rank usually gets the spotlight in the game, this progression system isn’t so dependent on skill. You can keep moving forward in the ranks just by playing the game, win or lose. And unlike competitive, there is no chance to get demoted regarding this progression track.

It’s also worth noting that it’s easier to level up at the start of the game. At level 1, it will only take 2000 XP points to move to the next level, then 3,500, then 5000, and so on. By the time players reach level 22, they’ll need to earn 20,000 XP for every level up.

Overwatch Mercy 1

Gaining Experience for Overwatch 2 Progression

While it makes sense that the game gives you experience points for playing, there is a system in place that gives you specific boosts depending on how your match goes. The base experience list goes as follows:

First Win of the Day – 1500 XP

Time – 211.5 XP/minute

Match Finish – 150 XP

Win – 500 XP

Consecutive Match – 300 XP

Backfill – 400 XP

The game also offers a bonus of 20% XP for anyone playing the game in a group, but you will get a penalty for leaving a match, and the game will deduct 75% of the XP that you’ve earned during a match.

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XP gained is also dependent on the mode that you’re playing. Playing Free for All or Deathmatch in Arcade will only give you 80% XP at the match finish, but Competitive Play will reward you with 115% XP.

21 Doomfist Overwatch 2

Rising Up the Ranks

Simply put, the best way to level up the ranks is by being consistent when you play the game. Since the First Win of the Day always gives a huge XP boost, it would make sense to ensure that you win at least one game every day—which isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Besides the First Win, you can always ensure more experience if you keep winning every match. Admittedly, with a team-based game, the results aren’t always up to a single player, but if you manage to do your job every match and carry teammates who aren’t pulling their weight, you’ll help your chances come out on top.

While it helps to know how to counter the enemy team, it’s also helpful to know your team and figure out good matches that complement other characters. The Mercy/Pharah combo has always been touted as one of the best in the game and a team-up of Ana and Reinhardt.

Nobody Left Behind

Also, take note that there are consequences to leaving matches. Besides the deducted XP points, consistently leaving matches will result in constant deducted XP for following matches, and the only way to remove the penalty is to stay in consecutive matches until it’s lifted.

Besides up and quitting during a match, being inactive and disconnected because of a faulty internet connection will also count for the penalty. It’s worth noting that the penalty is much harsher in Competitive, so make sure nothing wrong happens then.

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