How To Get Out of the Depths in Tears of the Kingdom


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Learn how to get out of the depths in Tears of the Kingdom!

How To Get Out of the Depths in Tears of the Kingdom

Hyrule just got a lot bigger in the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Not only will Link be able to explore the surface of Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom. Link can also explore the land above and below Hyrule in this game!

The lands above are called the Sky Islands, and the land below is called the Depths. If Link is on the Sky Islands, it is fairly easy to leave them. Link can just simply jump off the islands and glide to Hyrule’s surface. Once in the Depths, leaving the area is not as clear. This guide will discuss how to get out of the Depths of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!

The Depths

Besides Hyrule’s Sky and Surface, the Depths are one of the three major areas Link traverses in the game. This area is an underground system beneath Hyrule, revealed by the Upheaval. Down in the Depths, the area is incredibly dark because they’re so far below the surface that sunlight cannot reach. Regardless, Link may light up areas using different light sources. Among these are Brightbloom Seeds, ignited torches, or Zonai Light devices. 

Most importantly, there are various Lightroots scattered around the Depths. Link can activate them to light up to a certain distance from the Lightroot. When Link activates them, the Lightroots become travel points and reveal the area on Link’s map.

Each Lightroot is located below a Shrine of Light on the Surface. The Lightroots’ names are the names of Shrines above but in reverse. With that in mind, the player can use a found Lightroot in the Depths to find a Shrine on the Surface.

Gloom covers large parts of the Depths. These areas are depicted as purple splotches on Link’s map. Link will start losing hearts if he has prolonged contact with the Gloom. Link cannot recover the lost hearts because of the lack of light in the Depths unless he stands beneath an activated Lightroot. Gloom also covers some of the enemies in the Depths. If Link receives damage from them, Link will get Gloom damage.

The land in the Depths is exactly opposite to the land on the Surface. Mountains on the Surface, for example, are mirrored as canyons in the Depths, and groves within the Depths parallel the forests on the Surface. Also, the locations of lakes and rivers on the Surface are large stone spires spanning from the floor to the Depth ceiling.

How to Get Out of the Depths in Tears of the Kingdom

Link will drop down the Hyrule Field Chasm early in the game as part of a main quest. This is the “Camera Work in the Depths” Main Quest, where Robbie will unlock the Camera in Link’s Purah Pad. Robbie will ask Link to show him the picture after taking a picture of the statue per Josha’s request.

After showing it to him, Robbie will tell Link that he will see him at Lookout Landing. Then, Robbie will leave. After that, the player just stands there without knowing how to leave the Depths. Robbie just says they meet in Lookout Landing without explaining how to leave.

Getting out of the Depths is very simple: fast travel! In the game, Link can fast-travel to any activated travel point on the map. Structures that Link can fast travel to are Skyview Towers, Shrines of Light, Lightroots in the Depths, Mines, and other remarkable areas like the regional Temples and the Room of Awakening.

To complete the “Camera Work in the Depths” Main Quest, it is recommended to fast travel back to Lookout Landing. This is because this is where Robbie says they should meet. Also, to complete the main quest, talk to Josha to show her the picture of the statue that Link took.

Fast Traveling

A screenshot showing Link fast traveling in Tears of the Kingdom

To get out of the Depths by fast traveling, this is what Link must do:

  1. While in the Depths, press the – button to open Link’s map. Press the L or R button to navigate the map if the menu opens on a different tab.
  2. Then, on the map, navigate to a blue icon. The blue icons indicate the travel points that Link can fast travel to.
  3. Next, press the A button and select “Travel” on the prompt.
  4. After that, the Link will float and disappear. The game will then load, and once it loads back, Link will now be at the selected travel point!


Like in Breath of the Wild, fast traveling is a very important mechanic in Tears of the Kingdom. This can even save Link from different dangerous situations. Just ran out of stamina while gliding and now falling at a high altitude? Fast travel to a Shrine or Skyview Tower to arrive on safe ground.

Link is about to die while fighting an enemy camp and is now out of healing items. Fast travel to a Shrine near a Stable to rest on the Inn and recover hearts. Take too much Gloom damage while in the Depths?

Fast travel to a Lightroot to recover the hearts. This makes the Depths challenging, so the player may want to know how to escape it. Fast traveling can be a player’s best friend in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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