How To Unlock Competitive Mode in Overwatch 2


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Overwatch 2 has many game modes, but not all can be playable on day one. Since OW2 does come with its official league, the game presents a mode that can help players compare how they fare to others worldwide—and that’s with Competitive.

How To Unlock Competitive Mode in Overwatch 2

What’s Overwatch 2 Competitive Mode?

Competitive Mode essentially ranks the players based on their skill level. It puts them in a roster that calculates which characters they are best adept at using, how many matches they’ve won, and how great a player they are.

Unlike Quick Play, Competitive has two teams of players going against each other during a game. Still, instead of allowing them to complete one whole round, they are given a time limit where one team attempts to go as far as they can during a round; and when the match ends, the tables are turned, and it will be up to the other team to try and beat the first team’s score.

Each player is then ranked according to their skill level, with the lowest being Bronze. The levels increase to Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Grandmaster. Once you reach Grandmaster, they reach the Top 500 out of the entire player base.

A screenshot of skill tiers in Overwatch 2

Every player’s rank is decided by the end of the Overwatch 2 Season. Every time a season changes, players are invited to see if they can go up the ranks again.

How to Unlock Overwatch 2 Competitive Mode?

Since Competitive Mode is a mode that a lot of players take seriously (like, careers in E-Sports can be made with the rankings), Blizzard has to make sure that skilled players find themselves in Competitive matches, so it isn’t a mode made for newbies to the game.

A screenshot showing a character punching towards the screen in Overwatch 2

To unlock, Competitive players must complete the game’s FTUE (First Time User Experience) and win 50 games. Only then can they try and rise above the ranks of Overwatch 2’s leaderboard. Players already owning the first Overwatch can immediately jump into Competitive on Day 1.

Granted, winning 50 games doesn’t guarantee that anyone is a great player, but it’s at least a sign that they’re somewhat adept with the game. Even then, there’s still the case of getting ranked, and players who aren’t that skilled don’t hope to make it to the higher tiers without some serious skill.

Admittedly, Overwatch 2 is a team-based game, and victories and losses aren’t just up to one player, but it takes real skill for a player to carry a game, depending on what role they get and who they’re playing with. The players who usually manage to rise above the ranks can be adept in all roles and have a great understanding of all the heroes’ playstyles.

It’s also worth noting that this system has been in place to avoid player toxicity. There’s a tendency for the more experienced players to talk harshly to anyone new to the game. So, having players play with others around their skill level results in friendlier matches.

It’s not a complete guarantee that players won’t be toxic, but it’s the best the developers can try for now.

A picture of Henzo in Overwatch 2

What Can Competitive Get You?

Competitive will get you several things, including an official rank in-game. Alongside the rank, Competitive games will earn you Competitive Points.

Competitive Points can’t buy anything in the shop but can only buy the highly-coveted Golden Weapon. These in-game trophies can only be acquired by players of high skill levels (or players with enormous patience).

Earning points takes a long time, but as you go up the ranks, it will go faster and faster.

You can read all about it here.

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