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To be able to run so swift like the light? To be evasive like the wind? To defeat enemies with fists?

Welcome, crewmates! We are down to our last two (2) roles in Payday 2. Today, we got someone who is as evasive as smoke and someone who believes in the power of his own hands: Ghost and Fugitive, respectively. The former performs better in doing silent tasks, while the latter live for fights. Here they are:

Payday 2:

Skill Role #4: Ghost

This amazing role is useful in conducting stealth mode missions. The player in this skill set is provided with abilities to evade gunshots, to be almost undetectable, and to be able to run faster than the enemies. Ghost has three sub-roles: Shinobi, Artful, Silent Killer.

DEFINITION OF TERMS: Basic – acquiring a particular skill, Ace – upgrading the skills acquired

1. Chameleon – Add this skill to increase the time by 25% before you get detected while in casing mode. Upgrading this would let you pick up items while in casing mode. Also, items and cash you pick up will have an increased value by 30%.
2. Cleaner – Getting this skill would gain 1 additional body bag in your inventory and an increased body bag inventory space of 3. Ace this skill to have the ability to place 2 body bag cases.
3. Sixth Sense – When this skill is added, you can now mark enemies within a 10-meter radius around you after standing still for 3.5 seconds while in stealth. This is helpful in avoiding possible surveillance and enemies. When this skill is upgraded, you will have access to all insider assets. Also, the cleaning costs are reduced by 75%. Cleaning costs are the deduction whenever you kill a civilian. Shoot responsibly.
4. ECM Overdrive – ECM jammers and feedback duration is increased by 25%. Ace this and your ECM jammer can now open certain electronic doors.
5. Nimble – This skill provides the ability to disable 1 camera from detecting you and your crew for 25 seconds. Acing this will grant you added 100% speed in lockpicking. This also lets you open safes.
6. ECM Specialist – You are now allowed to place 2 ECM jammers. Upgrade this ultimate skill would grant you an additional 25% of ECM jammer duration. Also, the ECM feedback duration becomes 25% longer. ECM jammers may delay pagers of killed enemies.

If your part in the mission is to take care of all the crew’s exposure, then this subset is just perfect for you!

1. Duck and Cover – Your stamina regenerates 25% earlier and 25% faster. Your sprint also becomes 25% faster. Ace this skill to have a 10% increased chance to dodge while sprinting and a 15% dodge chance while ziplining.
2. Parkour – Get this skill to gain a 10% additional movement speed and 20% speed while climbing ladders. Upgrade the skill to gain the ability to sprint in any direction. With this, you may now reload your weapons while sprinting.
3. Inner Pockets – Add this skill to increase your melee weapon concealment by 2. Concealment of all ballistic vests is increased by 4 when this skill is upgraded.
4. Shockproof – When enemies attack you with a taser, you gain a 30% chance to deflect the shock effect back to the attacker resulting in knocking them back. Ace this and you will be able to free yourself from the taser by interacting with it within 2 seconds.
5. Dire Need – When your armor breaks, each first shot on every enemy will cause staggering to that enemy. Acing this would make the effect persist for 6 seconds after your armor has recovered.
6. Sneaky Bastard – Add this skill to gain a 1% dodge chance for every 3 points of detection rate under 35 up to 10%. Ace the skill to make the dodge chance: point ratio to 1:1.

You may lack high defensive attributes, but who would need them if they can’t even touch you?

1. Second Wind – Add this skill to increase your movement speed by 30% for 5 seconds during an armor break. Ace this skill to share this effect with your crew.
2. Optical Illusions – This skill grants you 35% not to be targeted by enemies. Upgraded, you gain 1 concealment for each silenced weapon you equip. The concealment penalty of silencers is reduced by 2.
3. The Professional – Upon acquiring this skill, you gain 8 weapon stability and 100% snap to zoom speed increase with a silenced weapon. Ace this skill to increase the weapon accuracy to 12.
4. Low Blow – You will be granted with 3% critical hit chance for every 3 points of detection rate under 35 up to 30%. Acing this skill will make the critical hit chance: point of detection rate ratio to 1:1.
5. High-Value Target – This skill enables you to inflict 15% more damage to marked enemies. Upgrading this skill makes the additional damage 50%.
6. Unseen Strike – Adding this skill will grant you a 35% critical hit chance for 6 seconds if you do not lose any armor or health for 4 seconds. Upgraded, the duration for critical hit chance is increased to 18 seconds.

They won’t know what hit them until you hit them.

The advantage of using this role set is moving becomes relatively easier. Chances to detect you are lower, and if they do catch you, you can attack them and hide your traces effectively– as if nothing happened, as if you weren’t there. However, all skill sets must have a weakness. In this case, when they detected you and you were not able to eliminate them nor escape from them, you will be vulnerable. It only takes a few attacks to kills you. This skill set is ideal for someone who can work under pressure and knows perfect timing. Is it you?

Skill Role #5: Fugitive

DEFINITION OF TERMS: Basic – acquiring a particular skill, Ace – upgrading the skills acquired

1. Equilibrium – Adding this skill decreases the time it takes to draw and holster pistols by 33%. Acing this skill will grant you weapon accuracy of 8 for all pistols.
2. Gun Nut – Get this skill to have an increased 5 bullets in your pistol magazine sizes. Ace this for a 50% increased rate of fire with pistols.
3. Akimbo – Acquire this skill to reduce the Akimbo stability penalty by 8. Upgraded, Akimbo will have a 50% increased ammo capacity.
4. Desperado – For each successful pistol hit, a 10% increased accuracy bonus is granted to you for 10 seconds. This effect can stack 4 times. Ace this to have a 50% faster reload for all pistols.
5. One-Handed Talent – Add this skill and your base damage for all pistols will be increased by 5. Upgraded, the additional damage is raised to 10.
6. Trigger Happy – Each pistol hit will let you gain a 120% damage boost that lasts for 2 seconds. Upgrading the skill will increase the effect duration to 4 seconds.

Some choose shotguns for firepower, some pick snipers for distance shooting, but only a few choose pistols for mid-ranged actions.

1. Nine Lives – An added 50% to your bleed-out health is given when this skill is acquired. Ace this skill and you will gain the ability to get downed 1 more time before going into custody.
2. Running from Death – Get this skill so that you can reload and swap weapons 100% faster for 10 seconds after being revived. You also move 30% faster for 10 seconds when this skill is upgraded.
3. Up You Go – When you acquire this skill, you take 30% less damage for 10 seconds after being revived. Acing tis would grant you 40% more health when revived.
4. Feign Death – Upon the addition of this skill, you get a 15% chance to instantly get revived. The chance is increased by an additional 30% if this is upgraded.
5. Swan Song – An ability to keep on fighting for 3 seconds instead of getting downed is granted by this skill. Upgrading this skill would increase the duration of this effect by another 3 seconds.
6. Messiah – During bleed out, you can revive yourself if you kill an enemy. This effect only has 1 charge. Ace this skill and your charge is replenished whenever you use a doctor bag. Is this immortality?

What can’t kill you makes you stronger.

1. Martial Arts – With this skill, you take 50% less damage from all melee attacks. Upgrade this to get a 50% chance of knocking down enemies just by a melee strike.
2. Bloodthirst – Each kill you make will increase your next melee attack damage by 100%. The damage cap for this effect is up to 1600%. Upgraded, you will gain a 50% chance of reload speed for 10 seconds.
3. Pumping Iron – Melee attacks against non-special enemies gain 100% more damage. Upgrading this skill, your melee attacks deal 100% more damage to special enemies.
4. Berserker – If you have this skill, your damage increases as your health decreases. When health is below 50%, your melee and saw damage may increase to 250%. Acing the skill will increase your range weapons’ damage to 100%.
5. Counterstrike – When you take this skill, you can counterattack enemies that try to strike you and may result in knocking them down. Ace this and you may now do a counterattack against cloakers and their kicks.
6. Frenzy – With this skill, you can only have 30% of your maximum health, but you take 10% less damage. Upgrade this skill to reduce the damage taken by 25%.

That’s a wrap! Which one did you like better? Are you more comfortable working behind the shadows? Are you a fighter who takes down anyone who stands in your way? You decide. Tell us in the comment section.

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