Perfect Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors In 2018


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The composite and tablet nature of the switch can be a danger to your console screen. Hence, there is need to provide a screen protector for your Nintendo switch. The pouch isn’t enough to protect your screen going by past experiences.
Scratches occur on your Nintendo switch screen when you don’t place it in the right docking position. Apart from the scratches that become visible when you take it out of its dock, you also need to protect your Nintendo switch because the scratches make it look old and you won’t enjoy whatever game you’re playing on it. Whenever your Nintendo switch falls from your hand, it becomes useless because the screen stops working, the screen vision is impaired, and this will cost you extra bucks to repair. You are going to avoid these imperfections on your screen with just a screen protector. This article contains the most preferred choices available for you to choose.

Perfect Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors In 2018

Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors

Nintendo Switch Official Screen Protection Kit

Officially recommended by Nintendo itself, Nintendo switch screen protection pack contains all necessary kits required for you to protect your Nintendo switch screen.
The screen protector is perfect to fit your Nintendo switch screen and also does not tamper with the existing functions of the touchscreen. It comes with an anti-fingerprint coating feature which means you no longer have to stress yourself doing any cleaning.
This screen protector goes for about $8 if you want it.

Orzly Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

Orzly has your back when you need a screen protector for your Nintendo switch especially if the older protector is terrible and you need a new one.
You can call it whatever name you like, but I feel it’s good to call it a 5 in 1 film protector,  which means you only need to take one to replace the other if you think there’s a reason to do so. It also comes with an applicator and instruction guide if you need help fixing it. You can get the Orzly Nintendo switch screen protector for $5 if you want it.

CaseBase Switch Screen Protector

This is one of the thickest screen protectors you’ll get for your Nintendo switch screen. It’s highly tempered nature makes it tough, which means even if your screen breaks,  it just add a little crack to the screen and your screen’s sensitivity won’t be reduced because of the protector’s thickness.
CaseBase switch screen protector costs $9 if you see the need to protect your Nintendo switch screen and it still won’t affect its sensitivity despite its thickness.

Orzly Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Orzly tempered glass screen protector comes with rounded edges that prevents any accidental cuts while operating your Nintendo switch. Thick enough to accommodate any free fall without affecting your main screen.
Built to last and make your Nintendo switch look smart. It also comes with two protectors, so you don’t have to panic when one freaks out. Easy to fix and gives your screen a perfect look,  you just need to spare $8 if you need Orzly tempered glass screen protector for your Nintendo switch screen.

amFilm Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

This screen protector has a thickness of 0.3mm, enough to keep your screen safe from danger. It is one of the best protectors on the list and serves as a shield to any harmful object. The sensitivity of your touchscreen is intact despite the thickness.
According to reviews, amFilm Nintendo switch screen protector has got a 5-star rating from many online stores. This means many people so love it because of its rugged nature. Like the previous product, it also comes with two protectors in its pack. This screen protector costs just $9.

Anker Glass Guard Premium

One of the best Nintendo switch screen protection solutions with a clear view. A perfect accessory that fits correctly to your Nintendo and keeps to its functions without hindering the screen sensitivity, despite the thickness level.
Anker has a 9H hardness rating, so you don’t have to doubt it’s quality if you’re choosing a favorite screen protector for your Nintendo switch.  For $10, you can get a two in one Anker glass guard premium to be yours.


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