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The Wellspring of Being is the title of the hangout event for the Deaconess of the Church of Favonius. In this special story quest, you will know more about the hectic life of Mondstadt’s shining idol and see how her pure kindness could put her in some sticky situations.

Genshin Impact: Barbara Hangout Event All Endings of Act I

The people of the City of Freedom would say that the sight of Barbara makes all their problems disappear. Aside from putting people in a better mood, Barbara also has healing powers that extend to flesh wounds and other physical ailments. This miraculous ability is only one of the gifts she can use, thanks to her Hydro Vision.

Act 1 of Barbara Pegg’s hangout event has five different endings that can be a bit confusing to complete due to the nature of its routes. This guide will help make it easier for you.

NOTE: Remember you can open the Hangout Event route chart, click on a completed narrative checkpoint, and start playing from there.

The Wellspring of Being Hangout Event will start when you talk to Sister Victoria outside the Favonius Cathedral.

The nun is worried about Barbara and wonders why she has not returned yet from picking up herbs in Wolvendom.

Ending 1

Step 1: You suggest that you look for her before Sister Victoria reports the matter to the Knight of Favonius.

Step 2: Go to Wolvendom and look for Barbara. She will be near one of the leafless trees east of the Wolf King’s arena.

Step 3: Talk to Barbara about why she has not been back to Mondstadt yet.

Step 4: When you start hearing someone calling for Barbara, tell her to stay on the stop and then send that person away.

Step 5: Apparently, it was Albert, the “Barbara Fan Club leader.” Talk to him and ask him what he is up to.

Step 6: Albert is there to help Barbara pick out some Red Wolfhooks. But since Barbara does not want anyone to know she is out in Wolvendom, you should try your best to make Albert believe she is not there.

In the parts where you are presented with three choices, make sure not to select the ones that say Barbara is no longer there or that she has already left.

This way, Albert will continue his search and tell you to carry on with what you were doing.

Step 7: Follow Albert and pretend to help him search for Barbara.

Step 8: Wait until Albert gets tired and suggest that he give up the search and return to Mondstadt.

NOTE: In Step 6, if you tell Albert that Wolvendom is full of monsters and is not safe to stay, he will leave and return to Mondstadt. The story route will then proceed to the path that leads to all other endings except Ending 1.

Ending 2

Step 1: Follow steps 1 to 4 of Ending 1.

Step 2: When you start hearing someone calling for Barbara, go deeper into the forest and wait for the calling person to leave.

Step 3: Follow Barbara and listen to her reasons why she takes too long before heading back home.

Step 4: Once Barbara feels comfortable and is assured that the unknown person is now gone, help her find and gather Red Wolfhooks.

Make sure to look inside hollow tree trunks to make your hunt easier.

Step 5: After giving Barbara the Red Wolfhooks, leave the forest with her.

Step 6: At the entrance to the forest, Barbara will ask you to go to Mondstadt on your own first and tell Sister Victoria that she went to check on Tunner in Dawn Winery to see what medicine he needs.

Step 7: Return to Favonius Cathedral and report Barbara’s current whereabouts.

Step 8: Since Barbara is not back yet, Sister Victoria will need your help on some of Barbara’s responsibilities. So you will help her clean around the cathedral for a bit.

The area that needs cleaning is the left-wing of the cathedral. Look for some accumulated dust and clean them up using Anemo or Hydro attacks.

Step 9: After cleaning, Barbara will arrive and talk to you. Since you helped with her cleaning responsibilities, she will offer you a drink of either her special Chilibrew or the Cat’s Tail’s Fantastic Summer-Serendipity Coral Sparkling Tea.

NOTE: You have to choose the Chilibrew to proceed to this ending route.

Step 10: Since you prefer to try the special Chilibrew, you need to gather fresh ingredients. Barbara will suggest splitting up and looking for different ingredients and then meeting just south of the Whispering Woods.

Step 11: Agree to split up and check in with Sister Victoria for Barbara’s itinerary before you go searching for Jueyun Chilis around Stone Gate.

Step 12: Teleport to the Waypoint in Stone Gate and then glide to the area to gather Fresh Jueyun Chilis. Check the marking on the map for the exact location.

Step 13: Go south of Whispering Woods to meet up with Barbara.

Step 14: Since Barbara did not show up, you should look for her in the Whispering Woods.

Step 15: As it happens, Barbara finds a merchant intimidated by some Treasure Hoarders and is trying to save her. Now that you have arrived, you should help her save the merchant from the hands of the bad guys.

There will be three waves of treasure hoarders that you need to defeat, so be prepared to fight.

Step 16: After saving the merchant, she will offer you one of her items as a reward for helping her. The choices are Liyue Chilibrew, Fresh Sweet Flowers, and Mora.

You need to choose the Liyue Chilibrew to proceed to Ending 2.

Ending 3

Step 1: Follow steps 1-16 of Ending 2. You can start from the Knight and Deaconess, Ready for Battle! Narrative checkpoint.

Step 2: Choose the batch of Sweet Flowers that the merchant has with her.

Step 3: Head back to Mondstadt and wait for Barbara in the garden next to the Adventurers’ Guild.

Step 4: Taste the Chilibrew that Barbara made for you.

Ending 4

Step 1: Follow steps 1-10 of Ending 2. You can also start playing from the Deaconess’s Gratitude narrative checkpoint.

Step 2: Suggest to Barbara that you gather the ingredients together, but before that, head back and check in with Sister Victoria to inform her of your planned itinerary.

Step 3: Go to the Whispering Woods and look for High-quality Sweet Flowers.

Step 4: You will find monsters in the area, so get rid of them first.

Step 5: A stranger claiming to be a hunter will suddenly appear asking to be healed.

Before Barbara heals him, you should suggest taking him to see the Knights of Favonius.

Step 5_A: If you choose to help find herbs to heal Uwe, you will have to find Fresh Small Lamp Grass with Barbara. (Follow steps 5_A to D for this route; otherwise, proceed to step 6.)

Step 5_B: After gathering the herbs, go back to Uwe so Barbara can cure his injuries.

Step 5_C: Uwe will ask why Barbara still chose to help him despite being suspicious. He will then tell you his original intention and what made him change his mind.

Step 5_D: He will then give you a good batch of Sweet Flowers to thank Barbara.

This part will continue to the same route that leads to Ending 3.

Step 6: Uwe, the suspicious person, will start to get scared and eventually attack you. You need to defeat him to proceed with your itinerary.

Step 7: Barbara will think that continuing your quest to look for high-quality Sweet Flowers is no longer safe. Thus she will have to postpone making the Chilibrew for you.

Ending 5

Step 1: Follow steps 1-9 of Ending 2. You can also start playing from the Deaconess’s Gratitude narrative checkpoint.

Step 2: When Barbara offers to treat you to a beverage as thanks for doing some cleaning around the cathedral on her behalf, you should pick the Fantastic Summer-Serendipity Coral Sparkling Tea from the Cat’s Tail.

Step 3: As you promised Barbara, you should check out with Sister Victoria first to tell her Barbara’s plans for the afternoon before meeting up with her in the Cat’s Tail.

Step 4: Upon arriving at the tavern, several of Barbara’s supporters have already crowded up the place, disturbing her time off work. So you need to talk to the people and save Barbara.

NOTE: When you talk to Barbara’s fans, telling them that she is on leave will only make them want to disturb her. This will not affect the ending route but will reduce the relationship meter indicated by the hearts on the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 5: Barbara still chose to appease her supporters, and all you have to do is wait. When the unofficial idol duty has finished, Barbara will give you the drink she ordered and ask that you take a stroll outside the city.

Step 6: Walk with Barbara and listen to what she says.

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