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A common difficulty among Pixel Gun 3D players is getting coupons. But interestingly enough, this is a pretty easy thing to do, and you can farm coupons daily.

Pixel Gun 3D: How to Get Coupons

There are multiples angles to go about this and each is good at a specific time and a place. There is actually no way to do this unlimited number of times, and always.

You do have to have some coins to get a lot of coupons so be prepared for spending some cash.

How to Get Coupons – Pixel Gun 3D


As I said, there are a couple of ways to get some coupons. One of the most efficient ways to do so is by using the Trader Van.

Trader Van

Now, I will recommend buying all of the weapons at the Trader Van always. However, you do have to look out and make sure that there are full sets there.

treasury pixel 3d

Whenever there is a full set here, make sure to buy it because, you can get a lot of coupons from epic rare sets.


To no surprise to anyone, buying the battlepass will get you unbelievable amounts of coupons. In every game, usually the battlepass is pretty broken in terms of what you can obtain.

Additionally, it doesn’t cost that much, and when weighing in the pros and cons, the pros are more apparent.


Always collect all the weapons in the sets! This is probably the fastest way to collect coupons. There are some easy to collect sets, which are cheap as well.

These are usually composed of less powerful and frankly bad weapons. But the silver lining is that you can get some coupons if you collect the whole set.

Clan Guns

The clan sets are also very rewarding when it comes to coupons. Even more interesting is the fact that you can get these weapons with silver, from the clan store, by opening chests with silver.

gallery pixel 3d

In some cases, you might get upwards of 600 coupons per set, so whenever you can, make sure to collect clan sets, because they might give you a lot of coupons.

Buying Cheap Guns

Realistically, this is the main way you should get your coupons. It’s not as rewarding as some of the other ways, but it does provide an easy way to collect coupons.

Just go into the armory and find weapons priced at less than fifty coins. The plan isn’t to upgrade them or use them, just to get the coupons! Repeat until you’re rich!

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