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The unbound and forthright woman and the captain of The Crux – a crew of armed sailors. Beidou is believed to be capable of taming storms and billows on the sea. The rumor that Beidou can channel Electro energy with her sword is in fact true, because she was blessed with an Electro Vision the day she slew the great sea monster Haishan.

How to Play Beidou in Genshin Impact

Beidou is popular among the people of Liyue Harbor but the case isn’t the same with parts of the Genshin Impact community. It is because her playstyle may seem tricky and even complicated for most players, due to the risk of losing a lot of HP during a battle.

Playstyle and Roles

Beidou can be your main damage dealer or DPS or a support that provides damage while off the field.

Majority of the players see Beidou as a support character that provides shields, but on the contrary, her kit is actually leaning towards dealing damage. She can only create a shield when you hold down her elemental skill button, which means that this can’t be transferred to a different active character.

Beidou falls behind the rank of shield makers in-game because hers works differently. She can only create an actual shield when you unlock her first constellation level – Sea Beast’s Scourge. And the shield created this way will only last for 15 seconds.

Combat Talents

Tidecaller, Beidou’s elemental skill is a very tricky talent to master. On tap, she will swing her greatsword and deal Electro damage. This skill is improved by Beidou’s passive talent – Retribution. Making Tidecaller work as a parry or a counter attack that if perfectly timed, will be granted the maximum damage bonus for the skill.

At character level 60 and ascension level 4, you will also unlock another passive talent called Lightning Storm. Having both passive talents makes it fun to play as Beidou because perfectly timing a parry is quite a challenge but fulfilling when achieved.

Stormbreaker is Beidou’s elemental burst, which summons a Thunderbeast’s Targe around her. While this is active, every normal attack will trigger a lightning discharge that will jump from one enemy to another, apply Electro to those enemies, and deal Electro damage to them.

This talent makes Beidou shine as a damage support because Thunderbeast’s Targe created by Stormbreaker can be handed over to the active character. Meaning, with this elemental burst, she can deal damage to enemies and help trigger elemental reactions while off the field.

The lightning discharges of the Thunderbeast’s Targe works best with characters that can quickly apply another element to trigger an Electro-based elemental reaction.

Team Composition

Beidou’s versatility allows her to perform really well in different party compositions, in both co-op and single-player games.

Hydro for Taser Team:

Beidou with Childe, Mona, Kokomi, Xingqiu, or Barbara

Electro-charged elemental reaction will also jump from one opponent to another, making it good against multiple enemies.

Among the listed team members above, Childe and Mona should be the main DPS and Beidou is the support. When paired with Kokomi, Xinggqiu, and Barbara, Beidou can be your main damage dealer.

Pyro for Overload Team:

Beidou with Klee, Diluc. Xiangling, or Yanfei

Pair up Beidou with Pyro characters to trigger an Overload elemental reaction and watch enemies explode away.

Klee, Diluc, and Yanfei kits make them solid DPS characters and they should be when paired with Beidou. Xiangling can either be a main damager or the character that applies Pyro while Beidou is the DPS.

Cryo for Superconduct and Physical Team:

Beidou with Eula, Kaeya, Rosaria, or Diona

Eula, being a Physical DMG character, can make use of the lightning discharge of Stormbreaker to trigger Superconduct with her Cryo elemental talents. Superconduct reduces the physical damage resistance of an opponent, thus boosting Eula’s damage.

The same goes with Physical DMG build Kaeya and Rosaria as your main DPS.

A team with Fischl, Rosaria, and Diona can also be a Physical Team with either Beidou or Fischl as the main DPS character.

Fischl as a third party member with Beidou can work as a battery and help with the high energy cost of her elemental burst.

Now that you have an idea as to how Beidou’s play styles are, would you now include her in your team lineup? Tell us in the comments below.

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