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Bloodhound is a Legend that, just like their namesake, is all about tracking out other players. Bloodhound is almost always the most played character in Apex Legends. If you can master the character, you will never be caught off guard in combat. Bloodhound is doing exceptionally well into Season 11, and there is no reason to believe that he will receive a nerf or buff in the foreseeable future. As it stands, Bloodhound is the most fully realized Legend in Apex Legends.

How to Play as Bloodhound in Apex Legends (Season 11)

Who is Bloodhound in Apex Legends

Much of the Legends’ lore in Apex Legends is full of tragedy. Bloodhound, arguably, had the roughest history of all the characters. Bloodhound is a child of two engineers who were killed in a meltdown at an industrial plant. They were taken into custody by his uncle Artur. It even gets worse thereafter. Artur is a fanatic of the Old Ways, a belief system that entirely abandons modern life and shuns technology in absolute terms. Still, like a moth to a light source, Bloodhound is drawn to technological marvels. Eventually, they utilize both the Old Way and new technology only after yet another tragedy.

Bloodhound and their Uncle Artur were ambushed by a Goliath, a gigantic monster, but they were fortunate enough to come across a Charge Rifle, which enabled them to wound the beast. Artur, on the other hand, was not pleased. Bloodhound was exiled by their uncle for utilizing an item with a ‘trigger‘. However, the Goliath reappeared and attacked the settlement before they could escape too far. Bloodhound was able to repel the beast with the help of the same Charge Rifle. Unfortunately, their uncle had already suffered serious injuries as a result of it.

Artur, in articulo mortis, imparted a message that Bloodhound is now allowed to use modern technology. To eventually destroy the Goliath, Bloodhound began to use both the Old Ways and new technologies. Bloodhound is now considered as one of the top hunters in the Outlands, practicing a balance of nature and technology. They now engage in the Apex Games, the ultimate hunting competition, armed with the Old Ways and a remarkable grasp of new technological marvels.

Playing Bloodhound: The Basics

Here are some of the basics to keep in mind while playing as Bangalore in Apex Legends:

  • Reveal yourself! While Bloodhound’s Tactical ability, Eye of the All-father, is very useful in scanning enemies in the nearby area, it also reveals your position. Only use this ability if you are already in battle and not when the enemy squad is oblivious of your position. This is, of course, the general rule, there are always exceptions. One of these exceptions is, that you use the Eye of the All-Father if you have a sneaking suspicion that your squad is being stalked or is walking into a trap. The Tactical ability can now be used indiscriminately since your position is already given away. 
  • Know your role. If your Ultimate is still on cooldown, do not be eager to fight. Look at your team’s composition first. If you have an assault-type Legend in your squad like Octane, an all-out fight can be on the table. You are at your best during gunfights when using your Ultimate. 
  • Touch moves. When casting Bloodhound’s Tactical, you cannot cancel it mid-animation. Meaning, you cannot use your weapon when an enemy suddenly pops out. Always have this in mind to prevent preventable deaths. 
  • Do not commit a mortal sin. Most people think that they are invulnerable during the duration of Bloodhound’s Ultimate. Bloodhound’s Ultimate does not add HP or shield, much reduced received damage. Needless to say, you are also not invincible during the Ultimate.
  • There are clues. Bloodhound is one of the best Legends due to his ability to not let his squad be ambushed or be surprised. Calculate carefully the age of the clues as they are essential in predicting a fight. 
  • Cool it down. Bloodhound has one of the longest cooldowns in both of his Tactical and Ultimate skills. Practice with great timing. Practice a lot to acquire some game sense. 

How to Use Bloodhound Skills in Apex Legends

How to use Bloodhound’s Passive Tracker 

In-game Description: Foes leave behind clues for you to find.

If you’re standing near where an enemy player was less than 90 seconds prior, Bloodhound will be able to “see” these specific activities. Icons will be plastered all over the screen, informing you of the action taken and when it occurred. From using a zipline to recent battles, from looting to specific Legends using their skills like Gibraltar’s Dome, these activities can be anything. Below is the table of icons visualizing the clues Tracker picked up.

ClueIn-game descriptionIcon Description
FootprintEnemy has passed through here.A set of footprints
Slide MarkEnemy has slid through here.A person sliding into a “>” sign
MantledEnemy climbed this ledge.An arrow overarching from the right to a downward direction
Jumped Down / LandedEnemy dropped from this edge.A bolded down arrow
ZiplinedEnemy took this zipline.Up arrow crossing a zipline
Left ZiplineEnemy dropped from this zipline.
Down arrow crossing a zipline
Door UsedEnemy opened/closed this door.An ajarred door
Door DestroyedEnemy destroyed this door.An ajarred broken dor
Empty ShellsEnemy fired a weapon here.Three ammo shells from a high-caliber weapon
Weapon ReloadedEnemy reloaded a weapon here.A big arrow pointing forwards with three wheels inside
Killed by [Weapon]Enemy was killed with [weapon] here.A skull
Killer with [Weapon]Enemy got a kill with [weapon] here.A skull in the center of a crosshair
Grenade PinEnemy threw a grenade from here.A grenade pin
BloodEnemy took damage here.A broken heart
Wound BandagedEnemy used a healing item here.A cross with a bandage
Severe BleedingA downed enemy crawled through here.Three droplets
[Ability] Enemy placed a non-trap ability here.A diamond with a phallic symbol at the center
Entered PhaseEnemy Wraith phased here.A silhouette of Wraith running into the “>” symbol
Left PhaseEnemy Wraith stopped phasing here.Tilted rectangle with the silhouette of Wraith inside
Smoke ResidueA Smoke Launcher was fired here.A cloud of smoke
Gas ResidueNox Gas traps or grenades were used here.A “smell” symbol
Perimeter Security DestroyedA Perimeter Security Node was destroyed here.Fenced lightning
Interception Pylon DestroyedAn Interception Pylon was destroyed here.Wattson’s Pylon
Loot Bin OpenedThis supply bin was opened.A box with a sunset on top
[Item] Picked UpEnemy picked up an item here.A box with an arrow pointing upward
[Item] SwappedEnemy swapped their weapon or gear here.A box with two arrows chasing pointing at each other’s tail
[Item] DiscardedEnemy dropped an item here.A box with a downward arrow
Pod OpenedThis care package was opened.Care package pod with an “X”

Here are some tips with Bloodhound’s Tracker.

  • The Tracker’s duration is short (three seconds) and the cooldown is long.
  • Always ping the clues since your teammates cannot see them. They will also know the age of the clue. Fill your teammates in.
  • Do not rely on your Tracker alone, have some game sense (map awareness and familiarity, teammamte position, etc., etc.) and listen to gunfights elsewhere in order to triangulate enemy squad’s locations.

How to use Bloodhound’s Tactical Eye of the All-Father

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Those little icons are big game changers in Apex Legends.

In-game Description: Briefly reveal enemies, traps, and clues through structures in front of you.

Bloodhound’s Tactical, Eye of the Allfather, is a useful ability that can quickly backfire if not used correctly. Using it generates a conical radar pulse that radiates out in front of you, passing through walls, terrain, and any other impediments and displaying any surrounding opponents, traps, or clues for the duration of the ability.

Here are some tips with Bloodhound’s active ability:

  • Bloodhound increases his utility as the game is played in smaller and smaller circles. Players who are not in full teams will typically dig down in the final circles, attempting not to be recognized. In the final circles, use your scan frequently to ensure that there isn’t a lone player hidden in a corner looking to grab victory after a team fight.
  • Again, and it needs reiterating, Eye of the All-Father also gives up your location for those who gets scanned. If you insist in using this ability indsicriminately, you can coordinate with your team tha you be the lead scoiut and go ahead and reel in enemies while your teammates flank them in case of a successful scan.
  • Bangalore and Caustic’s smoke and gas, respectively, are negated by this Tactical, so use this when you encounter these Legends.
  • Make advantage of your scan to assist your comrades in their own engagements. Perhaps you just killed an adversary and your colleague is engaged in an entirely separate gunfight in which you may not have the best angle to assist them. Use your Tactical ability to assist your teammate and provide yourself a clearer picture of what is going on.
  • This ability is not an “I win” button for game sense; Eye all of the All-Father only augments your innate situational awareness and is not meant to provide or replace it.

How to use Bloodhound’s Ultimate Beast of the Hunt

In-game description: Enhances your senses, allowing you to see cold tracks and move faster. downing opponents extend the duration.

Bloodhound’s Ultimate is designed to start battles, but it may also be utilized to rapidly withdraw and escape to safety. Beast Of The Hunt is a fantastic ability for both starting fights and escaping it since it provides a 30% boost in movement speed for the duration and turns everything greyscale while enemies and the tracks they leave are marked red.

Here are some tips with Bloodhound’s active ability:

  • Beast of the Hunt is as loud as it can be, both visually and aurally. Bloodhound will look terrifying with his Ultimate, and there is a loud animal roar upon cast. Needless to say, this ability will not surprise anybody so prepare for counterattacks.
  • During the Beast of the Hunt, everything will turn to gray, including Banglore’s smoke and Caustic Nox Gas Grenade–you will not be able to distinguish both during this time. So be cautious playing around with a Bangalore and Caustic. This highlights the importance of communicationm your teammates should be able to warn you if it’s Caustic gas you are about to run into.
  • Knocking out opponents during Beast of the Hunt adds an additional five seconds to its duration. Knockdown everyone on your path in order to retain the effect.
  • Due to the speed bump in the Ultimate, pistols are great for Bloodhound. It might be tempting to be sniping with this Ultimate due to the vision that it provides but it is a waste of the incredible speed and scouting.
  • Beast of the Hunt can be used to escape, because unlike other recon Legends, Bloodhound does not have an escape tool or an disabling ability.
  • If you are using your Ultimate, the cooldown and casting animation of your Tactical are heavily reduced. Fire this away every now and then.

Bloodhound versus Other Legends

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The author won a game using Bloodhound as a pure scout.

Bloodhound is better with mobile Legends. Caustic, Gibraltar, and Wattson cannot harmonize with the former’s kit. On the other hand, fellow recon Legends like Pathfinder and Valkyrie work best with them since they can move into different directions quickly for easier flanking.

It has been repeated so often in this guide that Bloodhound does not gain invulnerability when using their Ultimate. However, Revenant’s Ultimate Death Totem heavily amplifies Bloodhound’s abilities by letting him all-out while preventing death unless temporarily while the totem is active.

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