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Countless NFT games are popping up left and right, and finding ones with the best-earning potential can be hard. Of course, you might also be looking to avoid games requiring you to shell out a huge amount of money before starting. If you want a fun and free-to-play game, you might want to consider playing Ethermon.

How To Play Ethermon For Free

Ethermon is a monster-collecting game that draws inspiration from Pokemon. Like its counterpart, Axie Infinity, Ethermon puts you in control of a party of monsters you can also breed and develop. The Mons are the game’s form of NFTs, and each is different.

In most cases, you will need Wrapped Ethereum or WETH to start the game. However, there is a way to begin playing this for free, and that is what you are about to learn now.

Playing Ethermon For Free

Like most blockchain games, you need a crypto wallet before playing Ethermon. To play for free, you must create a crypto wallet with Dapper first. Install Dapper as an extension in your Google Chrome browser. Setting it up is easy and the easiest part of playing Ethermon.

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One of the benefits of using Dapper is you are entitled to 10 gas-fee-free interactions per week. You do not have to pay those costly Ethereum fees when withdrawing or depositing funds from Ethermon. Using Dapper is not a requirement, as you can connect with other wallets, such as MetaMask. The next step is to sign up for Ethermon on their website with the wallet set up.

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Once registered, you can claim your free Emons by clicking at the top of the store. You will receive three starter monsters. They will not be as powerful as the ones you get later in the game, but they are enough to get you through those first tough hurdles you face.

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Now that you are all set up, the next best thing is grinding. The goal of Ethermon is to rank high in PVP. However, the amount you earn will be determined by the number of monsters you have. With enough training and perseverance, you will be set up with a team of powerful monsters that can help you earn a lot of money.

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