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Lifeline is the only Legend in Apex Legends, so far, that has her kit in healing her squad-mates. Lifeline’s kit revolves around healing and providing equipment to her squad. Both of these abilities may be enjoyed by Lifeline herself. Prior to Season 11, Lifeline had an extra ability that put up a shield in front of her teammates whilst being revived. This is a major nerf on her part, yet, her utility in any squad she belongs to is still undeniable. In exchange for the shield, Lifeline can just deploy her Drone of Compassion to revive her ally without doing it herself.

How to Play as Lifeline in Apex Legends (Season 11)

The “Combat” in Combat Medic is now emphasized with this new mechanic in lieu of the pure support kit she had once. In short, Lifeline can engage in battles while she revives an ally or two.

Who is Lifeline in Apex Legends

Ajay Che, alias Lifeline, isn’t the type of character you’d expect to see in the Apex Games. She fled home as a child of affluent war profiteers after learning of the devastation her family had created and enrolled in the Frontier Corps, a humanitarian group that assists Frontier communities in dire need. She’s since dedicated her life to helping others, and she’s joined the Apex Games to use her wins to support the Frontier Corps.

Lifeline has no issue participating in the famous bloodsport since no one in the Games is innocent — they all know what they signed up for — and every one of her triumphs provides aid for those in need. At least, that’s what she tells herself. She may appear cynical and harsh on the surface, but she truly wants to assist others and make the world a better place. If that means bringing a few others down with it, so be it.

Playing Lifeline: The Basics

Here are some of the basics to take note of in playing as Lifeline in Apex Legends:

  • You are a fighter. While Lifeline is a “healer”, she is actually played aggressively due to her incredible speed rivaling the assault-type Legends. As Lifeline, always be part of a fight and not merely a spectator. Apex Legends is not an MMORPG to have the healer stand back and not contribute in dishing damage.
  • A hidden talent. Lifeline has a hidden skill, she is able to open the hidden compartments inside the blue lootbins. Although, most of the times, the items in these compartments are minor consumables (in a very lucky draw, you may find some gold attachments, though). It is still helpful nonetheless, especially when every the game is nearing its end and everyone is running into smaller and smaller circles.
  • Go to heal. Your job title requires you to constantly heal your teammates. This is where her speed is very useful as you can zip to the corners where your mobile teammates are charging their shields during a fight. However, in close quarter fights, you do not need to die in order to heal your squadmates. Direct them instead where to go so that you can heal them.
  • You do the ultimate sacrifice. It may be very tempting to use it yourself all the Ultimate Accelerants you can find. However, you must look at your team composition first. If you have a teammate who has high-cooldown and potent Ultimate like Caustic, let them have the Ultimate Accelerants. If you have other teammates who have low cooldowns and their Ultimates are not really that indispensable early in the game like Mirage and Wattson, take the Ultimates with you.
  • The drones are separate and distinct. The DOC used in reviving are instances than the healing. Deploy them at the same time to quickly heal newly-revived teammates. Also, you can deploy two instances of DOC when reviving, meaning, you can deploy three DOCs at the same time: two instances of reviving and one instance of healing.
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Lifeline has an extra passive that allows her to open extra compartments in loot bins.

How to Use Lifeline Skills in Apex Legends

How to Use Lifeline’s Passive Combat Revive

In-game description:

Deploy your Drone Of Compassion (DOC) to automatically heal others over time.

Lifeline can use her drone to revive her downed teammate. This is a revision of her previous skill wherein a shield is deployed while Lifeline is reviving her teammate. Now, Lifeline can fight while helping a teammate to stand on their feet. While the reviving process is now more active due to Lifeline being able to fight further during the entire reviving ordeal, the defense part is now gone. The best defense is offense, though, so do not be shy to be armed to the teeth and have better weapons than your other teammates as you will definitely need them.

Below are some tips on how to take advantage of this Passive skill:

  • Your job is not done by deploying the reviving drone. Make sure they are not vulnerable from continued assault from enemies by providing covering fire or canceling the revive so that your knocked down comrade can use their shields to protect themselves from gunfire and crawl into a safer space to be revived.
  • Aside from covering fire, Lifeline’s speed allow her to provide some distraction by zipping around all over the place. This would provide time for your downed allies to get themselves together and be back in the filed guns ablazing.
  • Lifeline works exceptionally well with the Gold Backpack, which provides resurrected comrades with more Health and Shields. This is especially useful in Arena, as you may buy a Gold Backpack every round for a little amount of Crafting Materials.

How to Use Lifeline’s Active DOC Heal Drone


Deploy your Drone Of Compassion (DOC) to automatically heal others over time.

The Heal Drone from Lifeline is a pretty dependable and valuable source of healing for the whole team. Using this ability will launch a drone that will automatically heal nearby players in 20 seconds. It enables players to store Syringes and Medkits for more desperate situations and to heal passively while shooting or looting. Also, enemies are healed by the drone. In an extreme face-to-face fight, you must take note of this as this would mean you will unwittingly help your enemies.

Below are some tips and tricks in using this Active skill:

  • True, it is encouraged to use the healing drone as much as you can but also be wary of its 45-second cooldown. Aggressive healing is really important but the DOC Heal Drone needs to be used with great timing.
  • Deploy first a Heat Shield when using the drone as it gets destroyed after two ticks of damage outside of the ring. It will be a waste of cooldown if it gets destroyed anyway.
  • The potency of the healing is reduced when more people are being healed by the drone. Hence, it wise not to deploy it during melee-ranged fights. Having it deployed with all of your squad together is not a waste of drone since a half-healthy full squad is always better than a squad missing a member.

How to Use Lifeline’s Ultimate Care Package

In-game description:

Call in a droppod full of high-quality defensive gear.

When it is fully charged, Lifeline may call down a Care Package, a pod that contains three item slots for high-quality attachments, consumables, and gear. While these Care Packages do not drop Legendary weapons, they will always offer an upgrade to your Body Shield, Helmet, Backpack, Knockdown Shield, or Weapon Attachment. Consume any Ultimate Accelerants you come across to help you get through the 5-minute cooldown faster. This is especially beneficial early on in the game, as wearing purple armor increases your odds of winning firefights significantly.

Here are some tips on how to utilize the Care Package:

  • The Care Package can also be used as an offensive tool. First, you can signal enemy squads of your location by calling down a Care Package in an open field. You will have 15 seconds to reposition yourself before the Care Package drops to the ground. This allows your other teammate to go around and flank enemies. Second, the Care Package is big enough to provide cover during a firefight and bullets cannot pass through it. Finally, if it is the final circle, you can crush enemies since the Care Package itself can damage enemies (and also Lifeline, so be careful). Although, it can only knock down a Legend, it cannot kill a them.
  • Care Package is a good mitigating utility for a recently respawned teammates so that they will not run naked and unprepared.
  • Sharing is caring, be the last person to loot your own Care Package if there is an overlapping needs with your other teammates.
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The author won a game prior to the Season 11 major update.

Lifeline versus Other Legends

Lifeline is the only Legend in the game that can thrive with any squad composition. Her best companions, however, are defensive Legends like Gibraltar, Wattson, and Rampart. Gibraltar provides a dome that should protect allies that are being revived or a shelter during the healing and replenishing process of your teammates.

Wattson’s kit provides extra protection when your squad is pushed into a corner with her Ultimate denying canisters and ordinance. Her active skills also repel enemy squads from jumping into your position. Finally, Rampart’s Amped Covers are like Gibraltar’s dome. They also offer protection during healing processes. You can also revive friendlies behind these covers and shoot back against attackers with boosted damage.

Lifeline’s most difficult enemy to face is Revenant since he can silence him. Every other Legend is fair game and does not have a substantial advantage over Lifeline.

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