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Equipping the right weapon and armor is key to survival and victory in Monster Hunter Rise. However, some monsters are just too strong to overpower. That’s where Decorations come in. Decorations are items infused in your armor and weapons for additional Armor Skills. There are many kinds of Decorations to craft. They all vary in crafting materials. But core items are required to craft any kind of Decorations in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Unlock & Use Decorations in Monster Hunter Rise

But before we talk about the materials needed to craft Decorations, let’s talk about how to unlock crafting Decorations. If you are already playing Monster Hunter Rise and find your armor and weapons lacking decorations, then this guide is just what you need.

Unlocking Decorations

If you’re new to Monster Hunter Rise, you probably enjoy this addictive hunting game. Part of the satisfaction in the game is unlocking new weapons and accessories. Crafting Decorations can only be unlocked when you progress through the game and reach High Rank.

This begins when you unlock the 4-Star Hub Quests. You need to complete Gathering Hub Key Quests to unlock High Rank. This can also be unlocked by doing special quests called Special License Tests in the Village.

Not all Decorations are unlocked the moment you reach High Rank. More top-tier decorations are unlocked as you progress through the High-Rank Urgent Quests. So don’t stop progressing through the game.

Power through, and you’ll eventually be able to unlock it. The Blacksmiths in Kamura Village will talk to you once you’ve completed the necessary hunts. They will tell you they are now able to craft decorations for you.



There are three levels of decorations. These are Levels 1, 2, and 3. These decorations can be in your Weapons and Armor with a decoration slot. Not all weapons and armors have decorations slots. The equipment with decoration slots also varies in levels available in them. Check the image above for your reference in decoration slot levels.

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Using the decorations for your equipment will depend on the levels of both. So you can equip Level 1 decorations to Level 1 slots, and so on. However, you can apply lower-level decorations to higher-level slots. For example, you can put a Level 1 decoration on a Level 2 or 3 slots. You can put a Level 2 decoration in a Level 3 slot. Level 3 decorations are only usable on Level 3 slots. 

Every decoration has individual Armor Skills that accompany it. These skills add or enhance your currently equipped skills in your armor and weapon. Equipping the right skills to match your skillset can drastically change and enhance your play style. 

Some Armor Skills are designed to give you the highest possible defense against some monsters and their effects. For example, equipping Steadfast Jewel 1 increases your Stun Resistance skill by 1. At level one, this reduces stun duration by 60%.

Equipping enough Steadfast Jewel 1 to reach level 3 will negate stun effects altogether! When used appropriately, all the decorations like this can increase your survivability and chance of triumph on every hunt.


Crafting Decorations

Once you reach High Rank, your equipment may seem lacking. This is because, in High-Rank Quests, the monsters are exceptionally stronger. At this point, you will need all the help you can get. This is where Decorations come in.

To craft decorations, head over to the Blacksmith in Kamura Village. The two blacksmiths are Hamon and Nakago. You can find Hamon in the center of the village. Nakago can be found in the Hub Prep Area. Select Decorations, and then Create Decorations.

The decorations you can craft are all composed of various materials from monsters. But three specific core materials are required to craft any decorations. These materials are Aquaglow Jewels, Bloodrun Jewels, and Lazurite Jewels. Although these are jewels, you can’t mine these from ore deposits. You can only earn this by completing High-Rank Quests.

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Aquaglow Jewels

Aquaglow Jewels are Quest Rewards when you complete High Rank quests in the Gathering Hub. They can be rewarded more in 4 and 5-Star quests. The Aquaglow Jewel inscription reads, “An indispensable item used in decorations.”

The number of jewels earned per quest is random and may vary depending on the hunt’s difficulty. These jewels are usually used to craft low-level and common Decorations such as the Blaze Jewel 1, increasing your fire element attack power.


Bloodrun Jewels

Bloodrun Jewels are Quest Rewards when you complete High Rank quests in the Gathering Hub. The Bloodrun Jewel inscription reads, “An indispensable item used in decorations. A shame that these are so high-end.”. They are more often rewarded in 6 and 7-Star quests.

The number of jewels earned per quest is random and may vary depending on the hunt’s difficulty. These jewels craft mid-tier and top-tier decorations such as the Attack Jewel 1, increasing your Attack by 3.

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You can also earn Bloodrun Jewels when you help Low-Rank players complete their hunts in Multiplayer. If the player who posted the quest in the lobby has a lower Hunter Rank from you, you can earn Helper Rewards. Both you and the quest poster should be High Rank to achieve this. Additionally, you must be at least HR6 to receive Bloordrun Jewels as a reward.

If you are playing alone and wish to farm for Bloodrun Jewels, join any lobby in Multiplayer and choose a Low-Rank Quest in the Quest Board. After choosing the hunt, you wish to assist in, select Accept via Join Request.


Lazurite Jewel

Lazurite Jewels are Quest Rewards when you complete High Rank quests in the Gathering Hub. The Lazurite Jewel inscription reads, “An indispensable item used in decorations. This one doesn’t come along often.”. They are more often rewarded in 7-Star quests.

The number of jewels earned per quest is random and may vary depending on the hunt’s difficulty. These jewels are usually used to craft top-tier decorations such as the Tenderizer Jewel 2. This decoration increases your Weakness Exploit Skill which increases the affinity of attacks that exploit a monster’s weak spot. 

The Lazurite Jewel is the hardest to come by among the three jewels. Completing 7-Star quests can reward you with more Bloodrun Jewels than Lazurite Jewels. You can farm the Lazurite Jewel faster when hunting non-Rampage Apex Monsters. The following monsters can yield you the most Lazurite Jewels than other High-Rank monsters:

  • Apex Arzuros
  • Apex Mitsuzune
  • Apex Rathian
  • Apex Zinogre
  • Apex Diablos
  • Apex Rathalos

These Apex Monsters pose a big challenge to your Lazurite Jewel farming as these monsters cannot be trapped or captured. Lazurite Jewels are mostly awarded in completed hunts, so you must overcome these Apex Monsters for your desired jewel. We suggest picking one of these Apex Monsters, whichever gives you the best chance of winning and hunting them repeatedly. 


Using Decorations

Armors and Weapons vary in the number of slots available to use Decorations. The two Monster Hunter Rise original Elder Dragons Wind Serpent Ibushi and Thunder Serpent Narwa can give you one of the best weapons in the game. However, they have no slots available for jewels to be used. So choosing your weapons and armor can change the number and quality of decorations you can use. 

Experimenting with different combinations of armor, weapons, and decorations can change your overall success in the game. Maximizing Armor Skills can unlock amazing skills that increase the quality of life in Monster Hunter Rise.

There are Armor Skills designed to help you farm for items and increase your zenny. One of the most used would be elemental defense skills that immunity you from monster attacks like poisoning and burning.

Hunting monsters in Monster Hunter Rise will never be the same. Sheathe that sword faster for a critical strike. Or endure the flames of Rathalos and come out unscathed. It’s time to stand and fight for Kamura Village!

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