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A charming and wealthy woman known as the “Tianquan” of the “Liyue Qixing” is the one who controls all of the commerce that takes place in Liyue Harbor. Ningguang is truly extraordinary when it comes to making money and keeping law and order as it is good for business, of course.

How to Play Ningguang in Genshin Impact

Ningguang owns the Jade Chamber—a palace floating above Liyue Harbor held up by plaustrite. They both played an essential role in the Archon Quests and have since won over the hearts of many Genshin Impact players.

How to Get Ningguang

Like all other characters, there are several ways to get Ningguang. The main one is by making wishes on characters and permanent item banners. Since she is a permanent character, you will randomly get her as one of the 4-star items from both character and permanent banners. However, there will be times where she is one of the featured characters in a banner, increasing her drop rate.

In the in-game shop, under Paimon’s Bargains, two characters will be available for purchase. If you have saved enough Masterless Starglitters, you can purchase Ningguang from there. It refreshes every month, and the characters will be changed.

Some in-game events will reward you with characters, and Ningguang is one of the characters given for free. The only thing you need to do is participate in these events.

Role and Team Composition

Ningguang is a DPS character, and her attacks deal Geo elemental damage. She is not a shield provider despite easily triggering the Crystalized Elemental Reaction and creating elemental shards. This is because shields are created via elemental shards that have a durability that scales off a character’s Elemental Mastery, but this stat is not Ningguang’s priority.

Although her kit makes you want to make a lot of normal and charged attacks, Ningguang’s elemental skill and elemental burst should not be neglected. These talents can deal a decent amount of damage and have cool-down time that is enough for you to spam it between combos.

Ningguang Build

As a damage-dealing character, you should focus on stats that increase Ningguang’s damage output. Given that her attacks are elemental, you should also equip her with artifacts that increase her Geo damage.

If you can, try to build at least 2,000ATK and then get a decent amount of Critical Rate. 75-80% is ideal but above 50% is okay. After this, try to get as much Critical DMG as you can.


5-Star Catalysts: Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, Skyward Atlas, and Memory of Dust

Aesthetically, Memory of Dust fits well with Ningguang, and it can increase her overall ATK stat better than the other weapons. However, you need better Critical stats from your artifacts to better damage output.

This weapon’s passive effect also requires you always to pick up an Elemental Shard to have a shield and trigger the additional damage bonus, unless you have a shielder on the team with Ningguang.

Like the Memory of Dust, the Skyward Atlas gives a bonus of ATK%, which lets you focus on Critical Rate and Critical damage when building Ningguang.

The Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is probably the best weapon for a DPS catalyst user because of the Critical Rate bonus. This stat is the hardest to build, and this weapon makes it easy.

4-Star Catalysts: Solar Pearl, The Widsith, Eye of Perception, and Dodoco Tales

Solar Pearl has a secondary stat bonus of Critical Rate and a passive effect that when a normal or charged attack hits an opponent, the damage of the elemental skill and burst increases. Hitting an opponent with either an element skill or burst will also increase the damage of normal and charged attacks.

These features are very fit for Ningguang’s playstyle, making it one of the best weapons. However, this can only be obtained by unlocking the Gnostic Hymn of the Battle Pass, which costs real money.

The Widsith gives a bonus of Critical DMG and a random effect when the character using this weapon takes on the field. If you have enough ATK and a decent amount of Critical Rate, increasing the Critical DMG as much as possible is a very good option, which makes this weapon a good choice.

However, the passive effect of The Widsith will only be triggered by switching characters. This means it can only be maximized in solo play.

The Eye of Perception is a safe weapon since it gives additional ATK, and the passive will fire a bolt that can bounce between enemies.

Dodoco Tales is also a good weapon for Ningguang. With this weapon, hitting enemies with normal attacks will increase the damage of her charged attack and vice versa. Given her kit and playstyle, this weapon is not a bad option.


2-Piece Archaic Petra combined with another 2-Piece of either Gladiator’s Finale or Shimenawa’s Reminiscence. The first set will give a Geo damage bonus while the latter will give ATK%.

A 2-Piece Noblesse Oblige set can also be paired with the 2-Piece Archaic Petra, especially when you spam Ningguang’s Elemental Burst because Noblesse Oblige gives a bonus of 20% damage to the Elemental Burst.

The least used option is having 4-Piece Archaic Petra because you will always have to pick up a Geo Elemental Shard to trigger the 4-Piece bonus. But there is no guarantee that only Geo shards are dropped especially when facing enemies of different elements. Since it is Geo, picking up Elemental Shards of different elements will not buff Ningguang’s damage.

Now, make sure to get a Goblet with Geo as the main stat and Circlet with either Crit Rate or Crit DMG bonus, depending on what you need to increase.


Ningguang’s playstyle involves spamming normal and charged attacks while casting elemental skill and elemental bursts in between.

Thanks to one of her passive talents, Strategic Reserve, her Geo damage is increased for 10 seconds whenever she passes through her Jade Screen. With this, running through the Jade Screen should be part of her combo or rotation.

Whenever Ningguang hits an opponent with her normal attack, she gains 1 Star Jade, and she can obtain up to 3 of these. Upon unlocking Backup Plan, which is one of her passive talents, her charged attack does not consume stamina whenever a Star Jade is present.

To utilize this, you should make sure to hit opponents with a normal attack first to gain at least 1 Star Jade before you make a charged attack.

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