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Revenant is an assault-type Legend with a skillset of a support. If this were a high fantasy RPG, Revenant would have been a swordmage. His passive is unique and incredibly situational; hence most Apex Legends veterans are not fond of using him. Casual players also have difficulty in playing him due to the long cooldown of his Tactical and Ultimate.

How to Play  as Revenant in Apex Legends (Season 11)

Still, Revenant is a great Legend to play as or play with when you are in the dying seconds of a game. His Tactical, which can silence enemies, can flat out win a battle, especially in a chaotic free-for-all among several squads. He is also a pain to play against if they are a third-party team.

Who is Revenant?

Revenant was once a human. He used to be the Mercenary Syndicate’s best assassin. When he looked in the mirror, he saw his human face. When his programming eventually failed, he realized what he had become at the hands of the Mercenary Syndicate and Hammond Robotics: a living horror of steel and vestigial flesh. His masters revived him as a doppelganger, snatching him from death’s grasp and brainwashing him to forget.

He promised he would track down every single individual who had done this to him, but more than two centuries had passed, and they had all vanished… or so he believed. The reappearance of Hammond Robotics in the Outlands has reignited his drive for revenge, and he will not relent until everyone linked to Hammond is dead. Of course, he has no qualms with eviscerating a few Legends along the way. He used to need a motive to kill, but he is no longer that man.

Apex Legends’ Revenant isn’t a simple Legend to master, but he can be incredibly difficult to deal with once you know how to use his kit effectively. Revenant’s playstyle prioritizes a pushing offense regardless of the presence or threat of any third parties, making him well-suited to lead the team forward. As a result, aggressive weapons complement his whole loadouts like SMGs and Shotguns.

Playing Revenant: The Basics

  • Be pushy. As mentioned earlier, Revenant’s kit is all about high-octane offense. As soon as your Ultimate is available, use it and wreak havoc even if it means that you make your self vulnerable to stalking and opportunistic third parties. Provided, of course, that your Totem’s placement is safe from attacks.
  • It is just you. Most of the times, Apex Legends’ players using Legends with unique mobility abilities tend to forget that their teammates do not have what they have. Remember this when you are climbing buildings and jumping off the other side of the map. Your teammates have no way of reaching you to help or bail you out.
  • Move like a butterfly. Revenant may have a mobility kit but does not mean he is that mobile. Compared to other assault-type Legends like Wraith and Octane, Revenant lacks that extra step during fights. His ability to scale on buildings and structures has limited number of usage.
  • Loot lots. It is worth repeating the fact Revenant is a Legend that should be played aggressively. That said, if you are playing as Revenant, you must be in full-kit as soon as possible from armor to weapon attachments. Stock up with Ultimate Accelerants too. Meanwhile, if you are not playing as Revenant, make sure the Revenant in your squad gets the good as soon as possible.
  • Strong attachments. Weapons are far more effective with attachments. It is difficult to be aggressive when your weapon is wobbly. Spray-and-pray is not the best solution. Before joining a fight or initiating one, have all the necessary attachment for your weapons.

How to Use Revenant: The Basics

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It’s the climb.

How to use Revenant’s Passive Stalker

In-game Description:

You crouch, walk faster, and can climb walls higher.

Stalker might look like a basic and uninspiring skill from an unsuspecting player, but it is great despite its inherent limitations. Stalker increases Revenant’s crouch-walk and crouch-strafe speed to non-crouching levels, regardless of whether you are shooting down sights. That means you can perform some severe crouch-strafing during firefights to make yourself as tiny and fast-moving a target as we have seen in the Apex Games thus far.

Stalker also permits Revenant to reach a far greater level than any other Legend before losing your grasp. This gives Revenant a comparable ability to Legends like Pathfinder, Horizon, and Valkyrie to reach unexpected areas and flank adversaries. However, it is extremely dependent on having the appropriate sort of terrain surrounding you. While there are several structures you can climb over in the newest map, Storm Point, Revenant cannot climb over mountains no matter how “short” they look compared to those found in World’s Edge.

Below are some tips on how to take advantage of this Passive skill:

  • This is very important because Revenant is big target even if he is lanky: moving while crouching and healing or restoring armor allows for faster moving and makes Revenant harder to hit.
  • While it is difficult to climb rough surface, Revenant can still climb over them. You can climb on uneven terrain with minimal effort by seeking for little grips and parts he can stand on.
  • There are not many man-made structures in the game that Revenant can not scale. If left alone, he is capable of discreetly scaling five and even six-story structures. Use this to get the upper hand on foes who believe they are safe due to their height advantage.

How to use Revenant’s Tactical Silence

In-game Description:

Throw a device that deals damage and disables enemy abilities for a time.

Silence lets Revenant toss a gadget that does damage and disables an opponent’s abilities. The quiet lasts 15 seconds in total, and the gadget remains on the ground for 10 seconds, allowing you to close off entrances and passageways.

Although this ability does not deal much damage, make sure you use it to zone adversaries into an area you can control. Furthermore, it is ideal for using on an opponent team shortly before an aggressive rush to give you a significant edge in the battle.

Below are some tips on how to take advantage of this Passive skill:

  • You can cast your silence while shooting, reloading, or throwing grenades. you can multitask with this skill.
  • Place Silence in front of a doorway, or better yet, hide behind it. Since there is a gratuitous special effect in Silence, you must cast them on places that should not reveal your presence.
  • Silence can be used in guiding enemies into traps. This is specially true if you have a Wattson or a Caustic in your team.

How to use Revenant’s Ultimate Death Totem

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Place the Death Totem on places that are not exposed.

In-game Description:

Drop a totem that protects users from death. Instead of getting killed or downed, you will return to the totem. Armor is deactivated during Death Protection.

Revenant’s Ultimate lets him drop a totem that shields people who use it from death for a defined period of time. Users will return to the totem rather than being killed or downed.

  • You will resurrect with half your health and any shields you had before utilizing the totem.
  • Your goal with Death Totem is to deliver as much damage to the other team as possible, then return to the battle as soon as possible after returning to the Totem, before the adversary has had chance to recover.
  • Place the Totem away from doorways and anything else that may open and close, as it will be destroyed if a door is closed on it.
  • The Totem itself may be shot and destroyed, thereby ending the effect.As a result, be certain that your Totem is placed in a secure location where opponents cannot view it. Another disadvantage of Death Totem is it may be used by anybody. Make certain it is concealed, not just so it cannot be destroyed, but also so it cannot be used against you.
  • As mentioned already, be sure you have one hundred percent uptime in casting your Ultimate. Revenant is as useless as Crypto in the closing round of the game without his Ultimate.
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The author winning a hard round as Revenant.

Bangalore versus Other Legends

Revenant is perfect with quick and extremely mobile Legends like Wraith, Octane, Ash, and Valkyrie. Having mobile Legends allow the team with Revenant to deploy the Death Totem without missing a bit. They can reach enemies quickly, especially with the use of the aforementioned Legends’ Ultimates.

Another Revenant is a terrible matchup with Revenant because of the Silence. Wattson’s Ultimate also prohibits Revenant from casting his Tactical. Bloodhound is also problematic when faced playing as Revenant. Their skill allows Bloodhound to locate Revenant and also the location of the Death Totem.

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