Ultimate Pokémon Legends: Arceus Jolteon Guide


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In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the player will find themselves in the Hisui region, which will eventually be renamed the Sinnoh region within the Pokemon world, and join the Galaxy Expedition Team (or just Galaxy Team for short), specifically as part of the Survey Corps, whose primary mission is to study every Pokemon found in the Hisui region. Players must capture every species in the region to understand these Pokemon and fully complete the first Hisuian Pokedex.

Ultimate Pokémon Legends: Arceus Jolteon Guide

This guide will discuss everything you need to know about Jolteon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus!


Jolteon, the 27th Pokemon in the Hisuian Pokedex, is an Electric-type Lightning Pokemon with a body that is covered in yellow fur, a pair of black eyes with white pupils, a small black nose, a small mouth, a pair of large pointed ears with black insides, spiky fur on top of its head, spiky white fur around its neck, four slender legs with each paw having three toes and pink paw pads, and a spiky fringe on its tail.

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According to its Pokedex entry in the game, Jolteon bristles its fur into sharp points when angry, and a crackle of electricity can be heard in its breath when it exhales.

Basic Information

Jolteon is an Electric-type Pokemon meaning it is weak (super effective) to Ground-type moves and resistant (not very effective) to Electric-type, Flying-type, and Steel-type moves.

Jolteon’s base stats are 65 HP, 65 Attack, 60 Defense, 110 Special Attack, 95 Special Defense, and 130 Speed for a total of 525.


Jolteon evolved from an Eevee by using a Thunder Stone

Eevee can also evolve into a Vaporeon by using a Water Stone, a Flareon by using a Fire Stone, a Leafeon when near the Moss Rock or by using a Leaf Stone, a Glaceon when near the Ice Rock or by using an Ice Stone, an Umbreon when it reached a High Friendship Level and evolved during the night (without knowing any Fairy-type moves), an Espeon when it reaches a High Friendship Level and evolves during the day (without knowing any Fairy-type moves), and a Sylveon when it reaches a High Friendship Level while knowing a Fairy type move.

It is recommended to distract it with food like Springy Mushroom, Hearty Grains, and Plump Beans, as this Pokemon prefers these foods.

When catching or defeating a Jolteon in the wild, the player will get a Razz Berry and a Vivichoke which Pokemon will drop.


The player cannot find Jolteon anywhere in the wild under normal circumstances. In rare cases, Jolteon can appear inside Space-Time Distortions in the Coronet Highlands.

Research Tasks

The following are the Research Tasks in Jolteon’s Pokedex entry in Pokémon Legends: Arceus:

MultiplierResearch TaskObjectives
x2Number caught1/2/3/4/5
Times you have seen it use Baby-Doll Eyes1/2/4/10/15
x2Times you have seen it use Thunderbolt1/3/8/20/40
x2Times you have seen it use an agile style move1/3/10/30/70

To fully complete a Pokemon’s Pokedex entry, the Pokemon’s entry must reach Research Level 10. To reach this level, the player must complete an objective from its Research Tasks, which will raise the entry’s Research Level. If the player completes a Research Task objective with an x2 multiplier, the Pokemon’s entry will gain two Research Levels rather than one.

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To quickly complete Jolteon’s Pokedex entry, the player can catch one by evolving an Eevee using a Thunder Stone, which will tick the first objective of the “Number caught” Research Task to add 2 Research Levels because of its x2 multiplier, then use it in battle and use Thunderbolt in Agile Style three times, which will tick the first and second objectives of the “Times you have seen it use Thunderbolt” and the “Times you have seen it use an agile style move” Research Tasks to gain eight more Research Levels because of both of their x2 multipliers, to attain Research Level 10.


Jolteon can learn moves to use in battle by leveling up or learning them from the Training Grounds.

Leveling Up

Jolteon may learn and master the following moves by leveling up:

MoveTypeLearn LevelMaster LevelPowerAccuracyPP
Thunder ShockElectric-typeupon evolving154010025
Quick AttackNormal-type6154010020
Baby-Doll EyesFairy-type1828010020
Calm MindPsychic type3445010

Training Grounds

Jolteon may learn these moves from Captain Zisu in the Training Grounds, which is found in the northwestern corner of the Jubilife Village:

Calm MindGhost-type010
Baby-Doll EyesFairy-type010020
Focus EnergyNormal-type020
Rock SmashFighting-type4010020
Charge BeamElectric-type509015
Thunder FangElectric-type659515
Shadow BallGhost type8010010
Wild ChargeElectric-type8510010
Iron TailSteel-type100755
Hyper BeamNormal-type120905
Giga ImpactNormal-type120905

Jolteon can be a fantastic addition to the player’s party for use in requests, missions, or even Arceus’ task for the player, which is to catch ‘em all!

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