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Learn everything you need to know about Kricketot in Pokemon Legends: Arceus!

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Ultimate Kricketot Guide

The new semi-open-world action role-playing game Pokemon Legends: Arceus adds a new spin to the popular franchise. Instead of competing in Pokemon Gyms and becoming a Champion, the player in this game will join the Galaxy Expedition Team, also referred to as the Galaxy Team, as a member of the Survey Corps to research the Pokemon found in the Hisui region. One of the player’s main tasks is to complete the Pokedex by catching and studying every Pokemon in the region.

This guide will discuss everything you need to know about Kricketot in Pokemon Legends: Arceus!


Kricketot, the 39th Pokemon in the Hisuian Pokedex, is a Bug-type Cricket Pokemon that has a round and red body that has pale yellow accents, a pair of round black eyes with white pupils, a slightly large, round, dark red nose, a pair of black antennae that are curled on the tips and are connected by another round segment that looks the same as its nose, a pale yellow collar around its neck, pale yellow streaks on its front, a black marking on its back that looks like a cape, a pair of small, black, stubby hands, and a pair of small, black, stubby feet.

According to its Pokedex entry in the game, more Kricketot appear when the trees change their color. Also, the sound that Kricketot’s antennae make when they strike them together sounds similar to a marimba.

Basic Information

Kricketot is a Bug-type Pokemon, which means it has a weakness to Fire-type, Flying-type, and Rock-type moves (super effective) and resistance to Fighting-type, Grass-type, and Ground-type moves (not very effective).

Kricketot’s base stats are 37 HP, 25 Attack, 41 Defense, 25 Special Attack, 41 Special Defense, and 25 Speed, for a total of 194.

Kricketot will evolve into a Kricketune when it reaches Level 10.

Springy Mushrooms, Dazzling Honey, Hearty Grains, and Plump Beans are some of Kricketot’s favorite foods, and they can be useful to throw to it if the player wants to feed it or lure it before catching or battling it.

Once a Kricketot is caught or defeated in the wild, the player will receive a Spoiled Apricorn and an Apricorn, which the Kricketot will drop.


The player can find a Kricketot in these locations:

In the Obsidian Fieldlands: in Deertrack Path, in Nature’s Pantry, and north of Windswept Run.

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In the Crimson Mirelands: in the Golden Lowlands and around Cloudpool Ridge.

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Kricketot can be in locations mentioned in every weather condition and at all times of the day.

Aside from that, Kricketot can also be found in Massive Mass Outbreaks in the Obsidian Fieldlands and the Crimson Mirelands.

Research Tasks

The following are the Research Tasks in Kricketot’s Pokedex entry:

MultiplierResearch TaskObjectives
x2Number caught1/3/6/12/25
Number you have caught without being spotted1/2/6/12/25
Number defeated1/2/4/10/15
x2Times you have given it food1/2/4/6/8
Number of different forms you have obtained2
x2Number you have evolved1

A Pokemon’s Pokedex entry must have a Research Level of 10 to be deemed complete. The player can increase an entry’s Research Level by one by completing one of a research task’s goals. Additionally, the entry receives two Research Levels rather than just one for completing a Research Task objective with a multiplier of x2.

To quickly complete Kricketot’s Pokedex entry, the player can catch six Kricketots and throw food to two Kricketots to feed them. Doing these will tick the first, second, and third objective of the “Number caught” Research Task, which adds six Research Levels because of the Research Task’s x2 multiplier, and ticks the first and second objective of the “Times you have given it food” Research Task to add two more Research Levels for a total of Research Level 10.


Kricketot can only learn new moves by leveling up. These are the moves that Kricketot will learn by leveling up:

MoveTypeLearn LevelMaster LevelPowerAccuracyPP

When completing missions, requests, or Arceus’ quest for the player to catch ’em all, Kricketot can be a great ally and help!

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