Pokemon Scarlet/Violet: Ultimate Ting-Lu Guide


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The player can do a wide range of things in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: breaking up the seemingly-evil Team Star, discovering more about the mysterious Titan Pokemon, beating every single Pokemon Gym and its Leader in the Paldea region to participate in the Pokemon League, become the Champion, and be the best like no one ever was, or simply making the iconic line a reality and catch ’em all!

Pokemon Scarlet/Violet: Ultimate Ting-Lu Guide

To catch every single Pokemon and more, the player must be proficient in every species of Pokemon living in the Paldea region.

This Ting-Lu guide will help you learn everything you need to know about the powerful Pokemon!


Ting-Lu is one of the four Treasures of Ruin, which are Legendary Pokemon in the Paldea region. Aside from Ting-Lu, the other Treasures of Ruin are Wo-Chien, Chien-Pao, and Chi-Yu; all are dual types, with one being the Dark type.

The four Ruin Treasures are in special shrines dispersed throughout the Paldea region. A shrine can be opened only by pulling eight specific stakes spread throughout the area. The four shrines add up to 32 stakes in the game.

Ting-Lu, the 395th Pokemon in the Paldean Pokedex, is a Dark and Ground type Ruinous Pokemon that has a body that resembles a deer or a moose but is made up of dark brown to light tan layered rock, a pair of small red eyes, a pair of red, triangular, nostrils on its snout, a rocky dewlap on its chin, a large ritual vessel on top of its head with a rectangular pattern that looks like eyes at the front, spikes that look like antlers coming out of the rim, and a crack running down the middle, two pairs of legs with a small spike in the middle of its hind legs, and a small, stubby, tail.

According to its Pokedex entry in Pokemon Scarlet, Ting-Lu is made from the fear poured into an ancient ritual vessel and covered in rocks and dirt.

According to its Pokedex entry in Pokemon Violet, Ting-Lu slowly lowers its very head to the ground to split the earth open with huge fissures that run more than 160 feet deep.

Basic Information

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As mentioned, Ting-Lu is a Dark and Ground-type Pokemon which means that it has the following:

Weak to:2x
(Super effective)
Bug-type, Fairy-type, Fighting-type, Grass-type, Ice-type, and Water-type moves
Resistant to:0.5x
(Not very effective)
Dark-type, Ghost-type, Poison-type, and Rock-type moves
Immune to:0x
(No effect)
Electric-type and Psychic-type moves

Aside from that, Ting-Lu has the Ability called Vessel of Ruin, which will lower the Special Attack stat of the active Pokemon in the battle by 25%. This Ability will not stack, and the Pokemon with the Ability will become immune to opposing Vessel of Ruin.

These are Ting-Lu’s Base Stats:

Special Attack55
Special Defense80

Ting-Lu has an unknown gender, no known evolutions, and belongs to the undiscovered egg group.


As noted, each of the four Treasures of Ruin can be encountered inside a special shrine that can be opened once the player has removed eight particular stakes throughout the game. The shrine where Ting-Lu can be found in the Groundblight Shrine, identified by its green door, can be opened by removing the green stakes around the Paldea region.

Stake Locations

Before heading to the green stakes, it is important to note that getting to the green stakes’ locations is easier if all the player’s Koraidon or Miraidon (depending on the player’s version of the game) abilities are unlocked.

To find the green stakes, the player can head to the following locations:

  • A green stake can be found on a cliff ledge of a small island in the southern part of Casseroya Lake.
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  • A green stake can be found on top of a cliff on the eastern part of a large island in the middle of Casseroya Lake.
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  • A green stake can be found atop a tall rock under a large rock formation in West Province (Area Two), specifically southwest of Casseroya Watchtower No. 1.
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  • A green stake can be found next to a tree on top of a rock formation northwest of West Province (Area Two).
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  • A green stake can be found near the ledge of the lower level of a mountain overlooking the North Paldean Sea southwest of the Gracia Stones.
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  • A green stake can be found on top of an icy ledge near the boundary of Glaseado Mountain and Socarrat Tail.
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  • A green stake can be found next to a rock near the top of a waterfall on the boundary of Glaseado Mountain and West Province (Area Three), specifically east of Casseroya Watchtower No. 2 or west of Glaseado Gym.
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  • A green stake can be found near the river slightly south of Casseroya Watchtower No. 1 or northwest of the Medali (West) Pokemon Center.
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Remove a stake by pressing the A button and selecting ‘Yes’ on the prompt. The removed stake will then crumble and vanish. After removing all eight stakes, the player will hear a mysterious cry from the shrine. 

Shrine Location

After removing all eight green stakes, the Groundblight Shrine will be unlocked. The player’s Koraidon or Miraidon must learn to climb the Groundblight Shrine. This ability is unlocked after the player defeats Dondozo, the False Dragon Titan.

The Groundblight Shrine can be found on a cliff wall south of the Socarrat Trail or north of Casseroya Lake (east of Gracia Stones or way west of the North Province Area Three Pokemon Center).

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When the player reaches the Groundblight Shrine, approach and press the A button to interact with the green door. The player will then hear a faint sound from inside the shrine. Select ‘Yes’ on the prompt once asked if the player wants to touch the shrine to open it. 

The legendary Pokemon Ting-Lu will appear from the shrine and start a battle against the player. This is now the player’s chance to catch Ting-Lu!

Catching Ting-Lu

It is important to mention that the Ting-Lu is a Level 60 Dark and Ground type Pokemon and it will use these types of moves in battle, so use Pokemon that are resistant to these moves. Also, use caution when using Pokemon with moves that may damage Ting-Lu greatly; you don’t want to defeat it by accident.

In addition, save your progress before approaching the Groundblight Shrine so you can reload the game if Ting-Lu is unintentionally defeated. If you forgot to do that, respawn the defeated Legendary Pokemon by waiting ten in-game minutes and restarting the game.


The player has two options for teaching Ting-Lu new moves: leveling up or using a TM.

Leveling Up

Ting-Lu will learn these moves as it levels up:

MoveTypeLearn LevelPowerAccuracyPP
Sand TombGround-typeBase358515
Mean LookNormal-typeBase5
Icy WindIce-type5559515
Ice ShardIce-type204010030
Swords DanceNormal-type2520
Night SlashDark-type357010015
Dark PulseDark-type408010015
Icicle CrashIce-type45859010
Sucker PunchDark-type55701005
Sacred SwordFighting-type609010015
Throat ChopDark-type708010015
Sheer ColdIce-type75?5

Via TM

Ting-Lu can learn the following moves by using a TM:

MoveTypeTM no.PowerAccuracyPP
Take DownNormal-type1908520
Scary FaceNormal-type610010
Ice FangIce-type10659515
Aerial AceFlying-type276020
Icy WindIce-type34559515
Rain DanceWater-type505
False SwipeNormal-type574010040
Brick BreakFighting-type587510015
Psychic FangsPsychic-type638510010
Sleep TalkNormal-type7010
Swords DanceNormal-type8820
Dark PulseDark-type948010015
Crunch Dark-type1088010015
Ice SpinnerIce-type1248010015
Giga ImpactNormal-type152150905
Hyper BeamNormal-type163150905
Tera BlastNormal-type1718010010

With this Ting-Lu guide, the player has more information about the new Legendary Pokemon Treasure of Ruin, Ting-Lu, including how to catch it and the moves it can learn. Ting-Lu can be an excellent addition to the player’s party, assisting the player in completing various missions in the game!

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