Pokemon Scarlet/Violet: Ultimate Chien-Pao Guide


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In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the player can do a variety of things, such as disbanding the new, seemingly-evil Team Star, learning more about the enigmatic new Titan Pokemon, defeating every single Pokemon Gym and its Leader in the Paldea region to take part in the Pokemon League, become the Champion, and be the very best like no one ever was, or simply catching ’em all! To catch ’em all and more, the player must be familiar with every species of Pokemon in the Paldea region. In this guide, we will learn everything you need about Pokemon Chien-Pao!

Pokemon Scarlet/Violet: Ultimate Chien-Pao Guide


Chien-Pao is one of the four Legendary Pokemon in the Paldea region known as the Treasures of Ruin. The Treasures of Ruin are made up of Wo-Chien, Chien-Pao, Ting-Lu, and Chi-Yu, and they are all dual types, with one of them being the Dark type.

Each of the four Treasures of Ruin can be found in special shrines scattered throughout the Paldea region. A shrine can only be opened after pulling eight specific stakes scattered throughout the area. As a result of the four shrines, there are a total of 32 stakes in the game.

Chien-Pao, the 394th Pokemon in the Paldean Pokedex, is a Dark and Ice-type Ruinous Pokemon that has a white, elongated body made up of snow and looks like that of a cat, a pair of ice crystals for eyes, a pair of large fangs that are two pieces of a broken sword with icy tips, a pair of ice crystals for whiskers, more ice crystals running down its back and legs, two pairs of legs with three ice crystals as claws on each paw, and a long tail that also has ice crystals.

According to its Pokedex entry in Pokemon Scarlet, Chien-Pao can control 100 tons of fallen snow and likes to play around by jumping in and out of the avalanches it causes.

According to its Pokedex entry in Pokemon Violet, everyone who died by the sword long ago had a hatred that clothed itself in snow and became a Pokemon.

Basic Information

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As mentioned, Chien-Pao is a Dark and Ice-type Pokemon which means it has:

Bug-type, Fairy-type, Fire-type, Rock-type, and Steel-type moves4xFighting-type moves
2xBug-type, Fairy-type, Fire-type, Rock-type, and Steel-type moves
Dark-type, Ghost-type, and Ice-type moves0.5xPsychic-type moves
0.25xPsychic-type moves

Additionally, Chien-Pao has the Ability called Sword of Ruin, which will lower the Defense stat of the active Pokemon in the battle by 25%. This Ability will not stack, and the Pokemon with the Ability will become immune to opposing Sword of Ruin.

These are Chien-Pao’s Base Stats:

Special Attack90
Special Defense65

Chien-Pao’s gender is unknown, has no known evolutions, and is part of the undiscovered egg group.


As previously stated, each of the four Treasures of Ruin can be discovered inside a special shrine which can be opened once the player has removed eight specific stakes in different areas in the game. The shrine where Chien-Pao can be encountered is called the Icerend Shrine, and its yellow door can identify it, and it can be unlocked by removing the yellow stakes around the Paldea region.

Stake Locations

Before removing the yellow stakes, it is important to mention that getting to their locations is easier. Some require all the player’s Koraidon or Miraidon abilities (depending on the game version) to have been unlocked.

To find the yellow stakes, head to the following locations:

  • The back of a large tree near the waterfalls on the southernmost part of Cascarrafa (behind the Pokemon Gym building).
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  • A small ledge on top of a narrow waterfall in the western part of South Province (Area Four).
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  • The grass part of a ledge slightly north of South Province (Area Six)
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  • The middle of a cave below the surrounding area of the previous stake. Pinned on the map below is the entrance of the cave:
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  • Near the corner edge of a cliff just southeast of the West Province (Area One) – Central Pokemon Center (south of West Province Area One or northwest of Cortondo).
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  • On top of a circular rock formation just northwest of the West Province (Area One) – Central Pokemon Center (west of West Province Area One or near the West Paldean Sea).
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  • Near the edge of a ledge just slightly southeast of the West Province (Area One) Watch Tower (east of the West Province Area One – North Pokemon Center or slightly southwest of the Segin Squad, the Dark Crew Team Star Squad Base).
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  • On a corner near the walls of a cliff on the western edge of The Great Crater of Paldea (north of the Grand Olive Orchard near Cortondo or northeast of the Pokemon League Pokemon Center).
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To remove a stake, interact with it by pressing the A button. Pull it out by selecting ‘Yes’ on the prompt. After pulling out all eight stakes, the player will hear a mysterious cry from the shrine. 

Shrine Location

The Icerend Shrine is now unlocked after removing all eight yellow stakes. Before reaching the Icerend Shrine, the player’s Koraidon or Miraidon must have learned the climbing ability. This ability is unlocked after the player locates and defeats Dondozo, the False Dragon Titan.

The Icerend Shrine can be found northwest of North Province (Area One) or southwest of the Asado Desert (northwest of the West Province Area One – Central Pokemon Center or just west of where the player encountered Bombirdier the Open Sky Titan).

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After finding Icerend Shrine, approach and interact with the yellow door by pressing the A button. A faint sound will be heard from inside the shrine. When asked if the player wants to touch the shrine to open it, select ‘Yes’ on the prompt. 

The legendary Pokemon Chien-Pao will emerge from the shrine and begin a battle against the player. The player now has the opportunity to catch Chien-Pao!

Catching Chien-Pao

It is important to mention that the Chien-Pao is a Level 60 Pokemon and, again, a Dark and Ice-type Pokemon and will use these types of moves, so it would be best to use Pokemon resistant to these moves. Also, be cautious when using Pokemon with moves that can damage Chien-Pao, as you don’t want to defeat it accidentally.

Additionally, before approaching the Icerend Shrine, save your progress so you can reload the game if Chien-Pao is accidentally defeated. If you forgot, you could respawn the fallen Legendary Pokemon by waiting 10 minutes and restarting the game.


The player can teach Chien-Pao new moves in two ways: by leveling up or by using a TM.

Leveling Up

After leveling up, Chien-Pao can learn the following moves:

MoveTypeLearn LevelPowerAccuracyPP
Powder SnowIce-typeBase4010025
Mean LookNormal-typeBase5
Icy WindIce-type5559515
Ice ShardIce-type204010030
Swords DanceNormal-type2520
Night SlashDark-type357010015
Dark PulseDark-type408010015
Icicle CrashIce-type45859010
Sucker PunchDark-type55701005
Sacred SwordFighting-type609010015
Throat ChopDark-type708010015
Sheer ColdIce-type75?5

Via TM

Chien-Pao can learn the following moves by using a TM:

MoveTypeTM no.PowerAccuracyPP
Take DownNormal-type1908520
Scary FaceNormal-type610010
Ice FangIce-type10659515
Aerial AceFlying-type276020
Icy WindIce-type34559515
Rain DanceWater-type505
False SwipeNormal-type574010040
Brick BreakFighting-type587510015
Psychic FangsPsychic type638510010
Sleep TalkNormal-type7010
Swords DanceNormal-type8820
Dark PulseDark-type948010015
Crunch Dark-type1088010015
Ice SpinnerIce-type1248010015
Giga ImpactNormal-type152150905
Hyper BeamNormal-type163150905
Tera BlastNormal-type1718010010

With this guide, the player has more information about the new Legendary Pokemon Treasure of Ruin, Chien-Pao, including how to catch it and the moves it can learn. Chien-Pao can be an excellent addition to the player’s party, assisting the player in completing various missions in the game!

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