Pokemon Shield: Rare Pokmeon & How To Find Them All


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Pokemon Shield is full of awesome, powerful Pokemon. But where do you find all of the rare Pokemon? We’ve built a complete guide of Pokemon Shield Rare Pokemon and where to find them, their strengths and weaknesses and where to get special items to evolve certain Pokemon.

Pokemon Shield: Rare Pokmeon & How To Find Them All
  • 1. Goomy
  • 2. Feebas & Milotic
  • 3. Eevee Evolutions
  • 4. Charizard
  • 5. Ditto
  • 6. Rotom
  • 7. Dreepy
  • 8. Sinistea
  • 9. Null
  • 10. Eiscue

1. Goomy

Pokemon Shield Rare Pokemon, Pokemon Shield: Rare Pokmeon & How To Find Them All


Goomy is a Pokemon Shield exclusive. This friendly pocket monster evolves into Sliggoo, then Goodra. You can find this Pokemon at the Lake of Outrage while it is raining. If it is raining, you have a 2% chance to encounter it. You can also find it from Max Raid Battles in Axew’s Eye and Rolling Fields. But, you’ll need a team to take it down with.

  • The Max IV Stats of Goomy are 45 HP, 50 Attack, 55 SP Attack, 35 Defense, 75 SP Defense and 40 Speed.

Goomy is weak against:

Goomy is strong against:

2. Feebas & Milotic

Pokemon Shield Rare Pokemon, Pokemon Shield: Rare Pokmeon & How To Find Them All



Feebas may be one of the ugliest Pokemon in the game, but that doesn’t mean it’s not highly sought after. Since Feebas evolves into the magnificent Milotic, you’re going to want to catch a few. Where can you get them from?

The only place to catch Feebas in the wild is on Route 2. Head down to Professor Magnolia’s house and while using any of the fishing spots around the lake here, you have a 1% chance to encounter Feebas.


Milotic can be caught during a Max Raid, 5 star battle in both East and West Lake Axwell. Be careful, as you will only have 1 Max Raid you can find Milotic in, so be prepared. You can also find Milotic at the Lake of Outrage and South Lake Miloch during foggy weather. If it is foggy, you have a 2% chance to spot one.

For a very sneaky method of forcing a Milotic spawn, go to South Lake Miloch, then wait by the edge of the water next to the person at the end of the bridge. Pause the game and enter the Nintendo Switch system settings. Go into Date & Time, then set the date to 1/6/2020 (June 1, 2020). When you re-enter the game, the weather should have turned to Fog and a Milotic should spawn right in front of you.

How Can I Evolve Feebas?

To evolve Feebas, you must give Feebas the “Prism Scale” evolution item and trade it with another player locally or through the internet. It triggers the evolution during the trade. You can also level up Feebas after maxing out its beauty value to evolve (ex. Blue Scarf item or Berries to increase beauty).

  • How to get a Prism Scale: You can find it on Route 2, in the Lake to the left of Professor’s House (requires Water Bike). It’s a glittering item inside the Lake.
  • The Max IV Stats for Milotic are 95 HP, 79 Defense, 100 SP Attack, 60 Attack, 81 Speed and 125 SP Defense.

Feebas & Milotic are weak against:

Feebas & Milotic are strong against:

3. Eevee Evolutions

Pokemon Shield Rare Pokemon, Pokemon Shield: Rare Pokmeon & How To Find Them All

In Pokemon Shield, you can catch Eevee’s and their evolution’s in the wild. While the chance of catching an Eevee is small, you can find them on Route 4. You will need to find quite a few evolution items and catch several Eevee’s to obtain all of the Eevee-lutions. That being said, you can catch all of the Eevee-lutions in the wild.

Want to guess where? That’s right, the Lake of Outrage in the Wild Area. Depending on the weather conditions, it’s very possible to find every single Eevee evolution wandering around on the ground in the Lake of Outrage. Check out the table to see what weather conditions are required for each evolution.

If you want to catch your own Eevee and evolve it, there are several places you can find evolution stones.

Pokemon Shield Rare Pokemon, Pokemon Shield: Rare Pokmeon & How To Find Them All

You can find evolution stones here and there along your trip, but the best way to get them is The Lake Of Outrage. Once you get your water upgrade on your rotom bike, head to the Lake Of Outrage. On the island, you will see pillars of stone (pictured above). Behind each stone, you can find:

  • Shiny Stone
  • Water Stone
  • Leaf Stone
  • Fire Stone
  • Moon Stone
  • Ice Stone
  • Thunder Stone
  • Dusk Stone
  • Dawn Stone
  • Sun Stone

If you want more than one of a certain stone, they do regenerate every few days. So make a trip back after a day or so and more will spawn in the exact same place. Here are the conditions to find each Eevee Evolution and their types.

  • Leafeon: Normal Weather
  • Espeon: Overcast Weather
  • Vaporeon: Raining
  • Jolteon: Thunderstorm/Lightning
  • Glaceon: Snowing/Snowstorm
  • Flareon: Intense Sunlight/Heat
  • Umbreon: Sandstorm
  • Sylveon: Foggy Weather

4. Charizard

Pokemon Shield Rare Pokemon, Pokemon Shield: Rare Pokmeon & How To Find Them All


A slightly unique entry to the list, Charmander can’t actually be caught in the wild at all. Despite being one of the first Pokemon you can get in Pokemon Yellow, Red and Blue, Charmander can’t be obtained in this game until the very end.

When you’ve become the Champion of Galar and done pretty much everything else there is to do in the game, head to Hop’s house on Route 1. Go to his bedroom upstairs and you’ll find Charmander on the left of you in a ball, by Leon. It will only be level five, though. Thankfully, due to the mandatory XP share being enabled, simply have it in your party during a few high-level fights and it’ll quickly level up. Your Charmander will have to be level 36 before it’ll evolve into Charizard. To get more Charmander, simply breed it with Ditto!

  • The Max IV Stats for Charizard are 78 HP, 84 Attack, 78 Defense, 109 SP Attack, 86 SP Defense and 100 Speed.

Charmander is weak against:

Charmander is strong against:

5. Ditto

Pokemon Shield Rare Pokemon, Pokemon Shield: Rare Pokmeon & How To Find Them All


Ditto is another Pokemon that can only be found at the Lake of Outrage. Fortunately, Ditto is much more common than some other “rare” Pokemon. It has a 20% chance to spawn as an over-world encounter in any weather conditions.

If you want a non-over world encounter, you have a 2% chance of finding it in the tall grass at The Lake Of Outrage. Keep in mind, they are not visible so you may have to run around a little.

When you’ve caught a Ditto, make sure you head to the closest Pokemon Nursery to breed it with any other rare Pokemon to get more of them. This is the most effective way to farm more of the same Pokemon, especially if you’re searching for high IV percentages.

  • The Max IV Stats for Charizard are 48 HP, 48 Attack, 48 Defense, 48 SP Attack, 48 SP Defense and 48 Speed.

Ditto is weak against:

Ditto is strong against:

6. Rotom

Pokemon Shield Rare Pokemon, Pokemon Shield: Rare Pokmeon & How To Find Them All


First off, there are several versions of ‘Rotom’. They have their own unique features, but I’m just going to go over the standard Rotom since you can transform them into whatever you want later on.

Rotom can be found exclusively on the Lake of Outrage. Cross the lake and hope that there’s either a Thunderstorm or it’s Raining. These are the only two weather conditions you can find Rotom in. Even if these conditions are met, it has just a 2% chance of spawning. When one does appear and you’re close to it, it’ll start zig-zagging towards you.

Once you have caught a Rotom, make sure you collect the Rotom Catalogue. You can get this from a man in the first orange house across the bridge from the Wyndon Gym. Defeat his team of Rotoms in different forms and you’ll be able to transform your Rotom into whatever form you choose.

  • The Max IV Stats for Charizard are 50 HP, 50 Attack, 77 Defense, 95 SP Attack, 77 SP Defense and 91 Speed.

Rotom is weak against:

Rotom is strong against:

7. Dreepy

Pokemon Shield Rare Pokemon, Pokemon Shield: Rare Pokmeon & How To Find Them All


Dreepy is a somewhat legendary Dragon that first evolves into Drakloak.  Eventually Drakloak evolves into Dragapult. There’s a somewhat similar Pokemon in every generation – Larvitar, Dratini, etc. Dreepy can eventually become a top contender as one of the strongest Pokemon in the game.

To catch Dreepy, you’ll need to visit The Lake of Outrage region of the Wild Area. You can find Dreepy there if there is either Heavy Fog or Thunderstorm weather. Even if these conditions are met, it has just a 2% chance to spawn as an over-world encounter. If the weather is Overcast, you have a 1% chance to find Dreepy as a non-over world encounter.

  • The Max IV Stats for Dreepy are 28 HP, 60 Attack, 30 Defense, 40 SP Attack, 30 SP Defense and 82 Speed.

Dreepy is weak against:

Dreepy is strong against:

8. Sinistea

Pokemon Shield Rare Pokemon, Pokemon Shield: Rare Pokmeon & How To Find Them All


Sinistea is a very unique Pokemon. It has two forms and both can only be found in Glimwood Tangle. There’s a 10% chance of finding Sinistea’s ‘Phony’ Form in the wild. There’s only a 1% chance of finding the actual Antique Form in the wild.

Phony form? What’s that? Unfortunately, you can’t tell whether the Sinistea you’re battling is Antique or Phony until after you’ve caught it. When you do catch it, inspect the Pokemon in the Pokedex. Check to see whether it has a blue mark on the bottom. If it does, congratulations! That’s a symbol of authenticity. If it doesn’t have that, it is phony and you’ll have to catch more.

While both forms don’t have any real differences, when it comes to move sets and stats, you have to evolve them in different ways. A Phony Sinistea will only evolve into Polteageist with a Cracked Pot item; an Antique Sinistea requires a Chipped Pot.

  • The Max IV Stats for Sinistea are 40 HP, 45 Attack, 45 Defense, 74 SP Attack, 54 SP Defense and 50 Speed.

Sinistea is weak against:

Sinistea is strong against:

9. Null

Pokemon Shield Rare Pokemon, Pokemon Shield: Rare Pokmeon & How To Find Them All


Type: Null is an odd Pokemon. You can’t go out and catch it in the wild like you do most Pokemon in the game. Instead, you’re given it as a gift. You can only get Type: Null in Pokemon Sword and Shield from one specific place, though.

Basically, you can’t get Type: Null in Pokemon Shield until you’ve completed the whole game. Unfortunately, the Pokemon is gated behind completion of the main story.

Enter through the main door and take a left to find a woman stood with Type: Null in the open. Speak with her and she’ll give you Type: Null for free, just like that! Who’d have thought that you just need to become the strongest trainer in the world to get one of the most mysterious legendaries?

To get Type: Null, head to Wyndon. Once you’re there, go to the Battle Tower, which is where the Rose Tower used to be. Once you’re there, head inside and look to your left. There’s a girl with orange colored hair and a Type: Null pictured below.

Pokemon Shield Rare Pokemon, Pokemon Shield: Rare Pokmeon & How To Find Them All

Talk to her and she will gift you a Type: Null!

How Can I Change Type: Null’s Type?

The same girl who gave you Null will also give you a set of memories. Each memory has the ability to change Null into a different type of Pokemon. You cannot switch these mid-battle, but you can before and after. Whichever memory you give Null to hold (electric, fairy, etc.) will make Null that type of Pokemon as long as it remains in his inventory.

You can evolve Null into Silvally, but you must level your friendship with that Pokemon up to 220 or higher.

  • The Base Stats for Type: Null are 95 HP, 95 Attack, 95 Defense, 95 SP Attack, 95 SP Defense and 59 Speed.

Null is weak against:

Sinistea is strong against:

10. Eiscue

Pokemon Shield Rare Pokemon, Pokemon Shield: Rare Pokmeon & How To Find Them All


Eiscue is a Pokémon that a lot of people are wanting to add to their party when playing Shield. Its a special Pokemon due to it’s Ice Face ability. Unfortunately, this Pokémon is extremely rare and getting one in your party may be easier said than done.

Eiscue is a Shield exclusive Pokémon. Eiscue can be found either at the Lake of Outrage or on Route 10. On Route 10, it can be found in any weather with a 2% chance to spawn. At the Lake of Outrage, it has between a 2% and 4% spawn rate, depending on if it’s lightly snowing or a full-on snow storm.

  • The Max IV Stats for Eiscue are 75 HP, 80 Attack, 110 Defense, 65 SP Attack, 90 SP Defense and 50 Speed.

Eiscue is weak against:

Eiscue is strong against:

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