Pokémon – Sword and Shield Crown Tundra: How to Unlock Endless Dynamax Adventures Mode



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As you know, you can get an unbelievable amount of Dynite ore in Pokémon Sword and Shield. This ore can be used to get some very over-powered items, but it is hard to farm, or is it?

Pokémon - Sword and Shield Crown Tundra: How to Unlock Endless Dynamax Adventures Mode

Well, we have found a way with which you can get potentially unlimited amount of Dynite. But to do this you must unlock the endless Dynamax Adventures Mode.

Worry not, we will tell you exactly how you can do this.

How to Unlock the Endless Dynamax Adventures Mode – Pokémon Sword and Shield


Unfortunately, this method only applies to players who have obtained the Crown Tundra DLC. There are other ways you can farm Dynite without the DLC, but you won’t be able to play this mode.

Let’s begin, this is how to unlock the Endless Dynamax Adventures Mode:

  1. Speak with the Doctor. You can find him here:how to unlock endless dynamax adventures pokemon 1
  2. He will tell you that he has something to give you, but you are not ready yet.
  3. To get ready, you must grind the Dynamax Raids.
  4. You need to do 5-8 Dynamax Raids. You might need to beat some of them, make sure you do.
  5. After you do this, go back and speak with the Doctor. See if he unlocks the Endless Dynamax Adventures mode.
  6. If the interaction is changed, just tell him that you like the Dynamax raids, and he will brief you on what this mode is all about.
  7. That’s it!

This mode is effortless to unlock, the only thing you will find difficult is actually doing the Dynamax raids before this mode is unlocked.

Unfortunately, you don’t get to keep the Pokémons you catch inside, since all of them will be going to the Doctor’s research.

Instead, for compensation, you will get a lot of Dynite ore for your valiant efforts. Just make sure to go as far into the raid as possible, like the Doctor said, it’s endless.


The Endless Dynamax Adventures mode is pretty challenging, so be careful when you go in. Also, even though you won’t get the Pokémons you catch, it’s a good idea to catch them so you can use them inside!

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