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The most basic mechanics of Port Royale 4 is commerce. Since the subject of the game is a trading strategy based on the sea, trade is always in the first place.

Port Royale 4: How To Trade

Also, you need a lot of money to improve the game, and you have to trade between the ships you have and the towns. You can earn money in the game by making profitable trades and develop your towns with the money you earn.

Let’s see how to trade in Port Royale 4

How To Trade In Port Royale 4

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Your ships are what you need to trade in the game. With your ships, you can buy a good in one town at a lower price and sell it for a higher price in the other town. Also, the goods produced in each town are different. For example, grapes are grown in one town while wheat is grown in the other. You can buy grapes from the grape-producing town at an affordable price and sell them to the wheat-producing town. Thus, you will have made a profitable trade.

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You can also set a trade route to your ships in Port Royale 4 and decide to buy and sell certain goods from certain towns on that route. Trade routes are a kind of automated trading system. Thus, you can trade more conveniently and increase your income from trading. In addition, you need a trade license to be able to trade between your towns.

On the other hand, there are points to be aware of when trading. Chief among these is the security of your trading ships. If you are at war with any country, that country’s military ships can sink your merchant ships. Also, pirates in the high seas can attack your merchant ships and convoys. Therefore, placing your military ships in your merchant ships’ convoys will ensure your convoy’s safety.

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Another point you should pay attention to while trading is the demand-supply balance. When you sell any goods in a town, the more you sell, the lower the price. Therefore, you can be prevented from determining the optimum sales amount and going to lose.

This optimal balance of sales volume varies for each product and each town. Also, the decrease in the number of products in your town where you bought the product can sometimes cause unhappiness in your town. Therefore, the amount of product you buy is also significant. In other words, if you do not care about the supply-demand balance in your trade, the profit margin in your trade will decrease, and unhappiness will occur in your towns.

Consequently, trading is one of the essential mechanics in Port Royale 4. You can make money and increase your welfare level by trading. Your convoys’ security and the supply-demand balance of a commodity are critical in trade between two towns with your ships. As long as you pay attention to these points, you can make very profitable trades in Port Royale 4.

how to make money port royale 4

Port Royale 4: How To Make Money


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