Port Royale 4: How To Make Money


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Port Royale 4 is a sea-themed strategy game. The game’s basic logic is to make money and achieve wealth economically by buying and selling goods by ship between towns. So you can further develop your towns and rise in the eyes of your Viceroy.

Port Royale 4: How To Make Money

Reaching wealth and increasing revenue in Port Royale 4 is the most basic logic. For this, you need the money and a lot of money to raise your towns’ welfare level.

So now, let’s look at how to make money in Port Royale 4.

How To Make Money In Port Royale 4

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The primary way to make money in Port Royale 4 is through trading. You have ships and convoys in the game. You can buy and sell goods between towns with these convoys. At the end of a profitable trade, you can make quite a lot of money. For this, you have to sell a good that is suitable in one town for a higher price in another town. Thus, you can gradually reach economic power by making a profitable trade.

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Also, as you make money, you can grow your convoys as ships and trade more. Since the number of vessels determines your trading volume at Port Royal 4, keeping your ship number high is an excellent way to make money. So you can make even more money by purchasing new ships with the money you get from profitable trades. In other words, money attracts money in Port Royale 4.

Consequently, your main goal in Port Royale 4 is to reach high welfare by making money. The most basic way to do this is to trade. As a result of your profitable trade, you can increase your trade volume by buying new ships and enlarging your convoy. You can also make very profitable trades and make large amounts of money by selling the goods you buy in one town at a higher price in another town.

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