Portal Reloaded: Chamber 9 | Walkthrough Guide


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Things get interesting as you progress through the Portal Reloaded Chambers. The stages are quite easy to start off with, but as you move through them, things get harder and harder, especially from Chamber 9 and up. However, most of the chambers are easy to do, once you know what’s the goal. We went through all of them, and managed to beat them. Today, we will give you a walkthrough about beating Chamber 9.

Portal Reloaded: Chamber 9 | Walkthrough Guide

Chamber 9 Walkthrough Guide – Portal Reloaded

Despite it being only halfway in the stages list, Chamber 9 is pretty difficult. We tried a few ways to complete it, and we think, that we found the best one.

This video will help you complete Chamber 9, but if you prefer textual instructions, follow the walkthrough below. If you’re stuck at a certain step, make sure to consult the video for further assistance.

Activating the Jump Pad

Once you reach Chamber 9, if you’re in the past, make sure to use a green portal to get to the future. Then, place a blue portal underneath where the cubes spawn. After that, place an orange portal where the big red button is, or anywhere where you can get the cube after.

Press the button to spawn a cube, then pick up the cube and place it on the activator for the jump pad.

Use the Jump Pad

Go back to the past dimension using the green portal. Place a green portal on the jump pad, then a blue one directly above the pad. Place an orange portal somewhere else and jump through it.

Opening the Door

Once you’re on the second floor, place a blue portal somewhere. Then, put a green portal somewhere and go through it. Take the cube from the button activator for the jump pad.

Use an orange portal to get back on the second floor, and then go through the green portal again. Place the cube on one of the activators.

Take the other cube from the same jump pad activator from the future and place it on the other activator which hasn’t got a cube on it. The door should open.

If the other cube has disappeared, make sure to go through a green portal to get it. Again, make sure to consult the video if you’re stuck on a certain step.

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