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So, you have reached the end of Portal Reloaded? That in itself is a great challenge. But all is not over yet.

Portal Reloaded: Chamber 25 | Walkthrough Guide

The last chamber, Chamber 25, is the most challenging stage of the community-made mode. After some multiple tries though, we have managed to beat it. Today, we will share with you a walkthrough guide, and take you step by step into completing Chamber 25 of Portal Reloaded.

Chamber 25 Walkthrough Guide – Portal Reloaded

Below, we will also attach a video to help you if for some reason you get stuck with the guide itself. Please use it as a reference for the textual instructions below.

If the last 24 chambers were difficult, Chamber 25 is the most difficult, as it is the last stage of the mod.

Reflector Cube

Firstly, go on and place two portals on the excursion funnel. Then, you will need to press the button to spawn the cube. The reflector cube will go through the funnel, and as it travels, pick it up when it goes through the portal.

Simply, place it on the floor for now.


On the top of the stage, you should see a laser. Use portals to bring it down to ground level. Then, use the cube to hit the first node and the second receiver on Chamber 25.

After that, use a time portal to go into the future. From there, get the reflector cube, and bring it through the time portal into the present.

After you have done so, place the cube somewhere near the first receiver. Then, use a normal portal to get the laser to hit it. Position it, so it would hit the first receiver on this level.

Next Stage

Find the stairs on this level, and climb them. This way, you can make your way to the laser gates.

After going through the first, shoot a normal portal so that the laser hits the present reflector, and the two receivers. You can now go through the second gate there, and you will need to press the button that will be on the right to summon a time portal on the wall that is immediately next to you.

Be Quick

This next part of Chamber 25, will require some speed. Shoot a blue portal into the ground to get the funnel to be vertical. That way, the cube will be in the air. Use a time portal to go into the future, and use portals to position the Lightbridge above, so that it hits the funnel.

Then go back to the present through the time portal, and place a time portal on the right side of the bridge, which will hold the reflector cube in place, and won’t allow it to go up.

After that, go through the third laser gate in the stage, and place a portal in a way which will allow the reflector cube to go up to the ceiling. Position it, so that it hits the activator which is on the ceiling. This will open the fourth laser gate on Chamber 25. This will be a checkpoint, so if you need a reset, just jump in the body of water.

Exiting Chamber 25

When you went through the fourth laser gate, click the button to get a time portal next to you, and to turn the panel that is in front of you. The second cube that you placed in the funnel will hit the activator switch, and it will go into the future and drop down.

Kindly, move the excursion funnel, so that the cube drops, and then quickly shoot a portal in the floor to raise it up again. Make sure to place a portal on the ground before the cube hits it, as it has the tendency to bounce away.

Go through a time portal now. Place a portal on the floor where the cube is in the present, and then a portal on the panel that turned with the activation of the button, across from you.

The cube will now travel through the portals and come out of the panel, catch it mid-air. Go to the present, and place it on the switch to leave Chamber 25.

Wrap Up

Go through the excursion funnel, and place a portal on the end of the tunnel, and on the wall left from you. Then, something will be blocking your path.

Shoot a time portal on the panel below you, and drop down when you’re near it. You will go through it, in the future, and complete the game that way. Use the elevator there to finish the game.

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