Resident Evil Village: Can You Eliminate the Vampire Lady


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The Resident Evil series has ammessed quite a fan-base over the years. However, with the newest installment in the works, there are many that are new to the franchise, interested in this game. And why wouldn’t they? The game features a beautiful vampire lady, that is vicious, and out to kill you. The vampire’s even eight-foot. But can you eliminate the vampire lady before it kills you?

Resident Evil Village: Can You Eliminate the Vampire Lady

Can You Kill the Vampire Lady in Resident Evil Village?

The reason that we’re bringing this up is because in the demo that was released not that long ago, players cannot seem to do any damage to the vampire lady. At one point, she attacks players in the castle, and there are simply no weapons that can make a dent to the vampire.

Not only that, but the vampire seems to use dirty tricks to attack you, disappearing, and reappearing at another place.

From what we know, there aren’t any weapons that make any damage to the vampire lady. Neither guns, nor knives do the trick. There have been many that have tried even more unorthodox tactics to gain advantage, but to no avail.

It seems like for now, you cannot kill the vampire lady. Maybe it is a cap placed from the developers in the demo. We’re not sure yet, but that’s where things stand.

Maybe, just maybe, as more players get to experience the demo, there will be other methods uncovered, but it is highly unlikely.

Even though the game seems like a great improvement from Resident Evil 7, the predecessor, what was a big disappointment to many was the fact that the demo is very short.

However, at least we get to experience a bit of the game, the dynamic, the plot, and so much more, way before the initial release date. Certainly, there is a great possibility that there will be a lot of changes in the full game, and maybe, a more rewarding ending, where you get to take out the great evil, i.e. the vampire lady.

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