Feature: PS4 PRO Prep: What 4K/HDR TV is Best for PS4 PRO?


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Pure PlayStation’s newest recruit (Brian Milchman) has been scratching his head. No, he doesn’t have lice. What he does have is the burning desire to spend his money on the best possible TV possible for the PS4 Pro. He’s been scouring the internet as well as stalking all the local electronic stores. This is what he’s found.
So you pre-ordered the PS4 Pro, and you would like to complete that purchase with an ultra high-definition 4K and HDR capable TV. Walking into your local electronics store, or reading the endless reviews posted on amazon for the slightest flaw or glitch in a potential product. The bottom line is, and this applies to everything in life, there is no perfect anything.
However, you are looking to find a TV that does come pretty close for 4K gaming. The first question you must ask yourself is how much you can spend. This will ultimately determine size and specs of any TV you purchase.  The money-to-quality ratio is obviously more prevalent in electronics than most other things. The newest technology for TV and gaming is OLED, but it costs about as much as it does to renovate a kitchen so we will move on to the more affordable options.
One of the main factors one needs to look at when buying a TV for gaming is the INPUT LAG score. I capitalize this because it is the difference in time it takes for you to press a button and for that corresponding button press to appear on-screen. According to RTINGS.com, a site I found to be insanely informative with all things television, input lag on most 4K and HDR TV’s is much higher than that of a TV just simply displaying 1080p content. This won’t matter to everyone because some of you just prefer certain brands, I know I did for many years only choosing Sony TV’s.
But as you learn, in time things change, and from everything made available to me I will be choosing the Samsung 65KS8000. Now I have always hated Smatter to everyone with a PS4 Pro who plays Call of Duty Infinite Warfare for instance after it receives its PS4 Pro Patch, and expects to have the best experience for your (insert currency here) possible. Most 4K TV’s have very high input lag when displaying 4K and HDR content. According to rtings.com’s findings, the Samsung model televisions, namely the KS8000 series, are the best bang for buck in 4K quality. Rtings.com goes on and on about the Vizio P series, but they couldn’t test for 4K and HDR input lag. And for some reason spending the same amount of money on a Vizio seems like paying Lexus prices for a Toyota.
Input lag is low when both HDR and 4K are being displayed by the TV, and their overall review for that TV line is top of its class. I also took a trip to the local electronics store near me and checked this TV out first hand, as well as every other available 4K TV.  Like I said above, the LG OLED TV is amazing but the Samsung is on par for about four thousand less (weak American dollars). Now I know what all of you are gonna say. “But Brian, I have a Sony PS4 PRO, shouldn’t I have a Sony TV?” I’m gonna tell you this, unless you are looking at a 43′ or a 49′ TV (Sony 800 series) the answer is no. If you plan on playing games at night and want a 55′ or bigger TV, the Sony unit just doesn’t compete.
I’m personally a perfectionist and although I love the picture and color of Sony TV’s, their horrendous input lag scores mixed with the light bleed on dark screens just make them a weaker set for the same price. Will this stop most of you from buying a Sony 4K? Probably not, but having seen both sets up close and reading the analysis provided by Rtings.com, I can’t recommend any PS4 gamer to play 4K on anything but the Samsung KS8000 model.
Below I have listed all the links for the TV’s mentioned above on Amazon, as well as the direct link to Rtings.com for their amazing in-depth analysis of everything 4K and gaming related.  If you have a new 4K TV, and you’ve gamed on it, shoot a comment down below let us know what you think of that model. If you don’t, do yourself a favor and go check them out in person at the local electronics store even if you’re going to buy it online. As I’ve said before, I have seen these TV’s in person displaying 4K content, and the quality and colors are really amazing and you just can’t beat going to a store and actually seeing it for yourself. Hell, you can even stroke the damn thing.

Feature: PS4 PRO Prep: What 4K/HDR TV is Best for PS4 PRO?

Rtings.com: Input Lag

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