PSVR Exclusive Golem Release Date Announced, Ride the Rocks From November 8th


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Highwire Games has announced today that its PSVR exclusive adventure game Golem will be smashing onto PSVR early next month. From November 8th you’ll be able to take control of giant stone golems to explore the game’s enormous abandoned city. You’ll scrap with enemies using melee combat, and you’ll collect treasures and trinkets, as well as investigate just what in the heck is going on in this ghost city.
You play as Twine, a kid who has been left badly injured after a terrible accident. The accident was so bad that Twine cannot leave her bed, but she has developed the ability to create and control stone golems. If only my sick leave was so adventurous. Instead, I have to make do with piss-warm chicken soup and daytime TV…
Originally announced for PSVR way back in 2015, the developers have been hard at work making sure their vision for Golem is not left trailing. According to Highwire Games, the studio has spent its time “refining and polishing the experience to the highest possible standard.”
“It’s so gratifying to see our original vision for Golem come together into a full experience. We’ve really had to push ourselves and the technology, but I think the game is beautiful and I can’t wait for everyone to be able to play it. And we’re pretty old school, so it won’t feel ‘finished’ for us until we see it on store shelves,” said Jaimie Griesemer, Creative Director at Highwire.
He wasn’t the only one happy to finally have a release date set in stone. The game’s publisher, Perp Games, is also thrilled to be working alongside Highwire Games.
“Golem has been a long-time coming but the wait is almost over. It is our honour to be working with such an amazing team of world-class talent. We can’t wait to explore Golem’s secrets,” said Rob Edwards, Managing Director of Perp Games.
Golem will be releasing exclusively on PSVR this November. However, the release dates are a bit of an oddity. The digital edition will launch on November 12th for all regions. Simple enough if you’re planning on keeping your games library all-digital. If you want the retail edition, you can pick it up in stores on November 8th in Europe. For North America, the physical release is going to be on, or as close to November 8th as possible. So it could be on November 8th, it might be a couple of days later.
Unfortunately, there isn’t a new trailer (boo!) for the game, so I’m just going to stick the original announcement trailer at the top and you’ll enjoy it all the same.

PSVR Exclusive Golem Release Date Announced, Ride the Rocks From November 8th

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