How to Reach the Ladder in the Path of the Pilgrim Area in Lies of P


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Learn how to reach the ladder in the Path of the Pilgrim Area in Lies of P!

How to Reach the Ladder in the Path of the Pilgrim Area in Lies of P

With no Bloodborne sequel in sight, a lot of soulslike fanatics have been raving over the world of Lies of P—a gritty retelling of the classic Pinocchio fairy tale, only this time, the world is filled with all kinds of ghoulish creatures and automatons that are out to get you.

Though combat is at the very center of the game, fans get an occasional puzzle here and there. One particular puzzle that has players stumped is a seemingly unreachable ladder that can be seen at the Path of the Pilgrim area in the game. As it turns out, there is a way to get to the ladder, and it’s a bit of a process.

Seeing the Ladder in the Path of the Pilgrim Area in Lies of P

Near the end of the Path of the Pilgrim level, players will take on a mini-boss that will blow through a gate with access to the Malum district. It’s important to take note of this location. You’ll notice a set of stairs leading you to a location. That is where you can see the inaccessible ladder and a shed containing a chest.

Even if you can already see this location during this part of the game, you must go through three more chapters before reaching it.

Rookie Explorer Hugo hands you the Old Cryptic Vessel to be deciphered.
via: Game Guides Channel/Youtube

In Chapter 7, when you get to the Barren Swamp and before facing the primary boss, you can come across Hugo, the Rookie Explorer who fancies themselves a casual treasure hunter; they’ll be hanging around the closed gate by the right. Engage in multiple conversations with them. Eventually, they’ll hand you the Old Cryptic Vessel. This will expressly point out the shed with the chest and inaccessible ladder. Still, you’ll need to have the item deciphered first.

Take the item to Hotel Krat to be decrypted by Venigni. You will be given an image of the shed next to the inaccessible ladder. The shed is where the ‘meat’ of this side quest will be.

Finding the Key to the Ladder in the Path of the Pilgrims Area

Return to the Path of the Pilgrim area, where you can spot the ladder, and check out the large door where the mini-boss jumped out of earlier. Pass through and take a right up the hill.

Still of the Slum Resident that hands you the key to the shack in Lies of P
via: gtamike_TSGK/Youtube

Going up the hill, you will be able to look into a room with a chest, but the door will be locked; luckily, in the back of the shed, there is a vagrant NPC (dubbed Slum Resident) who will ask, “How did you find this place? They sent you, didn’t they?… I don’t know what’s inside, and I don’t care. Take it with you and hurry.”

They will then hand you a Robber’s Shack Key, allowing you to open the shed door.

In the Robber’s Shack

The chest will be straight ahead when you open the door, but it will be a trap. Walking straight to the chest will have the floor dropping down, and you will have to fight off some creeps hiding at the bottom of the shack. There are only two thugs you’ll have to take care of.

After receiving the key, you can enter the shack, but be careful walking to the chest.
The floor before the chest is actually a trap.
via: gtamike_TSGK/Youtube

Follow the hall, which will lead you to a path outside. You will have to climb a ladder till you eventually get to the ladder that you’ve been able to see since before you committed to the side quest. Before you drop down, though, there is an option to take out some enemies standing on the roof; you can simply attack them with some ranged weapons until they fall off.

Climb down, and you’ll be able to get back to the spot with the chest, but this time, you’ll have to walk around the hole that was there from when you fell. From that point, you can simply collect the reward from the chest and be on your merry way.

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Accessing the ladder will allow you to exit the shed and have a second stab at getting to the chest.
via: gtamike_TSGK/Youtube
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