Resident Evil Village: How to Get the Lightsaber


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What many new players find interesting about the Resident Evil franchise is that it can be a bit wild. To prove my point, what many players find out quickly is that there is an actual lightsaber in the game! Yes, in this horror story game, you can buy an actual lightsaber. But how can you get it exactly? Well, it turns out that it isn’t that easy to get this bizarre weapon.

Resident Evil Village: How to Get the Lightsaber

How to Get the Lightsaber – Resident Evil Village

It turns out that there is actually quite a lot of content in this game, especially, even after finishing the whole story. In fact, this playable content unlocks the lightsaber.

There are many that aren’t even aware that there is so much to unlock even after completion. Nevertheless, without getting sidetracked, let’s get down to how you can get the lightsaber in Resident Evil Village:

  1. The first one is obvious; Beat the game at least once!
  2. Then, go to the Extra Content Shop and buy ‘The Mercenaries’.
  3. Complete the whole Mercenaries fiasco with at least an SS rank for all of them.
  4. After that, go to the Extra Content Shop again, and buy the LZ Answerer.
  5. When you have the LZ Answerer bought, go to the main merchant in the game- The Duke, and buy the lightsaber!

The lightsaber is actually called the LZ Answerer. From the Extra Content shop, you’re actually buying the recipe for this weapon. However, to unlock the recipe, you must beat the Mercenaries with a high ranking, like we mentioned above.

It isn’t necessarily pricy which is a good thing, considering how much fun one can have with this weapon. Its description states: ‘A next-generation weapon in development by BSAA… that can slice through anything!’

Compared to other weapons in the game the lightsaber is cheap, but it isn’t as though this is the strongest weapon in the game.

On the contrary, even though it is fun to play with it, it comes with detrimental limits. Still, an interesting weapon nonetheless.

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