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Like with any other Resident Evil game, there are a lot of achievements and trophies to be gathered. Most of them, you will probably get while playing the game, but some are a bit more bizarre and unusual. One example is the Lucky Number 7 trophy. To get it, one must sell items in the value of exactly 777 Lei, which in itself is difficult. Today, we will show you how to get Lucky Number 7 trophy in this guide!

Resident Evil Village: Lucky Number 7 Trophy Guide | 777 Lei

Lucky Number 7 Trophy Guider – Resident Evil Village

To do this though, one must beat the game first. In other words, complete the story in any difficulty. Of course, it can be obtained way before completing the game, but it is really difficult selling some items for exactly that amount.

After beating the game, one can get and craft ammo which sells for 7 apiece. Meaning, selling 111 pieces of ammo, will yield exactly 777 Lei.

Here is how to get the Lucky Number 7 Trophy in Resident Evil Village:

  1. First requirement: Beat the game at least once.
  2. Go to the Extra Content Shop and buy the WCX assault rifle.
  3. Travel to the main merchant in the game- The Duke. Buy the assault rifle, and the rifle ammo recipe.
  4. Craft at least 120 in quantity of the rifle ammo you bought from the merchant.
  5. Interact with the Duke again, and go to the selling tab. Sell exactly 111 pieces of rifle ammo.

It is important that you sell the correct amount, as the Lei you will get must be 777, i.e. Lucky Number 7. You can also sell items for the amount of 7,777 or 77,777, but that seems a bit too excessive.

After selling some amount with at least three sevens one after the other, you will get the Lucky Number 7 trophy.

It isn’t a golden or a silver trophy, but it is still some achievement. If you’re a trophy hunter, then this is quite an easy trophy to acquire.

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