Resident Evil Village: How to Open the Castle Gate


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Resident Evil Village is what you might expect from a game from this franchise. The unique balance between puzzle-solving and adrenaline-full moments makes this game one of the best horror/story games out there. But completing some of it might be tough. One thing which is indeed challenging is opening the castle gate at the beginning of the game. How can you open the castle gate?

Resident Evil Village: How to Open the Castle Gate

How to Open the Castle Gate – Resident Evil Village

The castle gate is located on the north-side of the map, somewhere in the middle. To unlock the door, you will need two crests, which can be found somewhere on the map. Now, finding the first one is easy, but the second one is challenging.

SPOILER ALERT: Some parts might contain spoilers!

#1 Crest

For the first one, simply walk up to the locked gate for the castle and look to your right. You should see a small house, with the outer gate slightly open.

Simply walk into the premises and then go into the house. Walk forwards, and on the left side, you should see a crest on a stand, weirdly positioned next to two candles. Pick up the crest, and walk back to the main castle gate.

Place it in the gate, and then position it correctly, since it will be crooked when you place it. Go clockwise or anti clockwise.

#2 Crest

To get the second piece of the puzzle, go at the same house, but instead of going in it, continue to the back of the house. There will be two pathways here, one heading up, and one heading down; Go on the one that is going down.

On a side note, you can get a shotgun from the shed on the left.

Continue following the path until you reach a big gate. Ignore it for now, and go in the shed that is on the right of it. Without any spoilers, you will meet a scared woman that will instruct you to close the door immediately. After you have done so, go through the window on the left.

Then, on the left you will see a platform, which you can climb onto. Do so, and then climb over the ruined wall. Take a left immediately, and you will see a small structure emitting some light. In it, the second crest will be present. But to open it, you will need a screwdriver.

Now, open the main gate to the house, so that the NPCs from the shed can get in. Play through this story segment, and look for the keys for the truck. You can find them in the kitchen, it the first drawer left of the sink.

Inside the leather patch will be a screwdriver you can use to open the structure and get the second crest!

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