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Resident Evil Village is finally out, and one thing is for certain, it is even more challenging than players anticipated. But to all the fun that this game offers, there must come an end. Thankfully, there is a lot more content players can play after beating the game, and achievement hunting is apparently a thing now. An easy trophy players can get is the ‘Quit Hanging Around’ trophy. In this guide, we will show you how to get it.

Resident Evil Village: Quit Hanging Around Guide

Quit Hanging Around Guide – Resident Evil Village

The ‘Quit Hanging Around’ trophy is a bronze trophy or achievement, but still, highly valuable to those that want to get all the achievements this game offers.

It can be obtained easily, and at the moment, only one way to get it has been found. There is no information whether this is the only way, but chances are that it is.

Anyhow, to get the Quit Hanging Around trophy, a player needs to enter the Heisenberg factory. In the factory, there will be production lines, with what seem to be people or some beings of sorts. These will be hanging around and dragged through the factory.

To get the achievement, simply pull out a pistol or a rifle, and shoot at the creatures. Now, we found the most successful way to disengage a creature from the production line is to shoot at the connected rope above them.

Still, you can also shoot directly at them, and that seems to do the trick as well. Anyhow, try both methods and see what works for you.

Once one subject has been released from the production line, you will obtain the ‘Quit Hanging Around’ trophy. Again, it is not the most impressive trophy, but one that could easily be missed.

There are many more achievements and trophies a player can get in Resident Evil Village, so make sure you follow Caffeinated Gamer for more guides on getting more trophies, and beating difficult stages of the game.

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