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Quite an unorthodox name, right? You can imagine my surprise only to find out that this is actually a point-and-click adventure game. Nevertheless, the game already had me at beer, without knowing what type of a game it was at all. These type of games are slowly dying out, with most of the generations that played them, transitioning to full-time jobs and families to take care.

Review: Dude, Where Is My Beer?

But still, there are many that like to feel that nostalgia yet again. Their demand for them slowly died out, and with it, the production of said games. But Dude, Where Is My Beer is quite a unique game.

Dude, Where Is My Beer?

Starting off relatively slow-paced, typical for a point-and-click game, this game takes you on a quest to find the perfect beer. But what type of beer you might ask? Well, an old school pilsner. This type of beer is phenomenal, and while I do enjoy it myself, it is no secret that it is dying out.

To make this beer brewers have to be exceptional in their craft, but it is also very easy to do it wrongly.

Nevertheless, that is the whole mission of the game. While many will maybe find it funny, it sparked something in me, you know, being a beer lover and all.

The game isn’t anything graphically intense, being a point-and-click title, it features the same style of graphics as some of the games back in the day. Where this game has to impress is the conversations and the interactions with the world.

You play, what looks to be a middle-aged man, that has a stereotypical look to someone that would be looking for a beer like a pilsner.


The conversations with the non-playable characters are witty and funny, and you do find yourself occasionally cracking a laugh.

To be honest though, sometimes they did feel a bit bland for my taste. While I found it funny searching for beer so desperately, now not in real life, but in a game, the general thing I had an issue was the fact that excessive focus has been put on that, and that only.

Would’ve loved it more if the game sent me on side adventures once in a while a tad bit more.

Again, this game has a lot going for its witty jokes and names of beers, but that might not make the same connection for everyone.


There is not much to say about the pace, except that it is typical for this genre of games. While it is certainly not for many, there are many out there who would enjoy the slow rollercoaster ride that this game takes you on.

Being a fan of more fast-paced and action titles, it managed to keep me relatively locked in on the mission of finding the perfect pilsner, which I found more than surprising.

There are quite a few positive sides that not a lot of point-and-click games shown me up until now.

What Arik Zurabian and Edo Brenes – Dude, Where Is My Beer’s developers have managed to do with the game’s scenery and the overall feel and size of the interactive world is impressive.

Many games of this sort feel cramped and way too small for the game’s story, but that is not the case here. There are a lot of interactive places that you can visit in the game, and the world feels borderless, even though it has limits.


Final Words

It was an interesting experience. I usually can’t sit through three to four minutes of point-and-click adventure games, but Dude, Where Is My Beer had me locked in for quite some time.

That says a lot about this game. It is funny, interesting, and unique, but a game that is not for many.

Firstly, the story is not for many. But those that like beer, and like slower-paced games, then this might be an interesting Friday evening, especially if you find some pilsner in real-life.

Secondly, I can see the point of the game, and what they were going for, but I don’t see this game as a party game or in a laid-back setting with your buddies with a few beers.

Still, it is worth to give it a shot, and definitely a unique game.

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