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Jeremy Peterson

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Welcome to Island Time VR, home of a wise-cracking crab named Carl and the worlds most hungry man. Island Time VR is a game with one thing on its mind, and it gets straight to the point. You’ve crashed your boat, you’re stranded, and you must have skipped breakfast because you’re starving. Despite the bright colors, the beautiful scenery, and the funny Crab, there is no happy ending in Island Time VR. You are going to starve to death, it’s only a matter of time. Is it worth your time to die alone and hungry on this deserted island? Keep reading to find out.
It has VR in the title, so you’ll obviously need Sony’s headset and you’ll need both Move controllers. It’s actually designed for room scale VR allowing you to walk around the entire little island. That doesn’t work so well due to the limitations of Sony’s camera, but you will still be moving a lot so make sure you clear out plenty of space. The idea is to die of starvation in a video game, not to die alone in your living room after crashing headfirst into your coffee table.
The concept of the game is simple. You have a watch on your wrist that tells you just how hungry you are. The clock on your life is always ticking and it waits for no man or woman, and in this case, it’s ticking fast. You start out on this tiny island with a few sticks of bamboo, some logs, and some stones. There is also the talking crab named Carl and a boombox, because, why not? If you need advice, Carl will gladly offer some up. It won’t be helpful, probably, but it might it be funny.
Game Info

Review: Island Time VR - PS4/PSVR
  • Developer: Flight School Studio
  • Release Date: April 3rd (Worldwide)
  • Price: $14.99/£16.99

Ignore the crab for now; times wasting, and you need to eat. After making a spear with a stone and bamboo stick, I caught a few fish Tom Hanks style. You don’t want to eat raw fish, so rub a couple of stones over the logs and enjoy a healthy fire. After burning myself to death more times than I’d like to admit, I finally mastered the art of fish kabobs.
This is basically the game. You’ll eat whatever you can find, be it fish, birds, coconuts or whatever crawls out of the ocean, as long as it doesn’t kill you first. You’ll also get random supplies in the form of a box that floats up to the island. It’s not always apparent what to do with the gifts that float your way, but that is part of the fun of the game. Solving the puzzles and making strange things that just may buy you a few more precious minutes.
Just as in real life, one doesn’t survive Island Time VR. Instead, we simply fight to prolong the inevitable for as long as humanly possible, hoping to scratch out a little fun along the way. The monotony and frustration from dying over and over again on this tiny island may not be the fun you were hoping for, but sadly, for some of us, it’s likely the only island we’ll ever see.

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Reviewed using base PS4. 

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