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Having Covid-19 in the world puts travel leisure on hold, so why not play Roblox: Cruise Life instead? This game is a roleplaying game where you can make friends, eat different foods and drinks, customize your cabin, play games, do parties, watch a movie, explore the ship, and many more. There are many things you can do in this game. It is like you are on a cruise but in 3D.

Roblox: Cruise Life Codes (Tested October 2022)

You can choose either to be the captain or a passenger who can enjoy roaming around, but money is essential in everything you do here, just like on an actual cruise ship. Do not worry because developers in these games give us a head start. They give us codes to enjoy our stay on the Roblox: Cruise Life.

You can avail free spins and cash to spend. You can buy and collect souvenirs on each Island you may land. Each Island has its souvenir shop, so you have many options to buy. You can eat lots of food and drinks in the cafeteria or the dining room. The dining room is only open from 6–11 pm. Cabins are living spaces you can rent, first-class cabins located in the Lobby at spawn.

The second and third-class cabins can be on floor 2. You get 30% cashback if you leave the game or sell your cabin. You get 60% off if you have a VIP. You can hang out in the club while the DJs can play music and turn on smoke, fire, and confetti effects. Enjoy the sun and dip in the pool at the top of the deck. Ships arrive on islands on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Captains can choose which Island to visit next. You can also rent cars to get around the Island. Each Island has its event where you can earn cash. The event opens from 3–8 pm. If ever you get lost on the ship, find the nearest elevator. It allows you to teleport to each floor. It also tells you what is on every floor.

All Roblox: Cruise Life Codes for Cash and Spins (Tested October 2022)

We collected and compiled a list of active and updated codes that you can use to redeem reward cash and spins! We highly advise you to use the codes as soon as they are released because they will only last until their expiration. But no worries at all! We assure you that the codes here on our site are constantly updated by our monitoring team so that you will not miss the rewards! Also, please input the codes EXACTLY how it was listed below to avoid errors. You can also copy and paste the codes from our list to ensure they function.

Roblox: Cruise Life Working/ Active Codes

MUSIC!!2,500 Cash
ClubBubble!!2 Spins
Discord!Water Gun

Roblox: Cruise Life Old/ Expired Codes

We created a tracker of the old and expired codes from Roblox: Cruise Life, so if players want to see what codes have been deactivated, they can do so by checking the list below if you were able to use these codes before they were halted, no worries about the rewards! All claimed rewards will not be lost even when the code has expired.

2022!1,500 Cash
TripleSpinz!3 Spins
BugFix1,500 Cash
RobloxIsBack!!2,000 Cash
Spoooky!2 Spins
NewIslands!!2 Spins
25kLikes!!2,000 Cash
20kMembers!2 Spins
30kLikes!!5,000 Cash
20mVisits!!5 Spins

You can follow the game’s developer on their social media account for more updates about the game. You may also interact with other players on the game’s official Discord server. We also update our list on this age as soon as they are available, so keep us on your bookmark by typing CTRL + D on your keyboard or using the Add to Bookmark button on your phone’s keyboard and check back often!

Those are all the codes for Roblox: Cruise Life that is currently available. Please let us know if you spot codes that have been expired or missing so we can update our list as soon as possible! You can share your suggestions and ideas with us in the comment section. Please let us know if you spot codes that have been expired or missing so we can update our list as soon as possible! Do not forget to give us a thumbs-up, happy reading, and enjoy the game!


How do I Redeem Freebies using the Codes in Roblox: Cruise Life?

For those who are new to playing Roblox or those who do not know how to input codes yet, you can follow these easy steps to redeem code rewards in Roblox: Cruise Life:

  1. Open the game through your device.
    1Cruise Life
  2. Tap or click shop located on the left side of the screen.
    2Cruise Life
  3. Copy the codes above and paste them onto the Redeem box
    3Cruise Life
  4. Tap on “Redeem” and Enjoy the rewards.
    4Cruise Life

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