All Monsters of Etheria Codes(Roblox) – Tested October 2022


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All of the possible codes for Roblox Monsters of Etheria are listed here. You can acquire a lot of free crates by using them!

All Monsters of Etheria Codes(Roblox) - Tested October 2022

Uglypoe created Monsters of Etheria as a Roblox metaverse experience. Creatures of Etheria is a Pokemon-inspired game with many monsters to collect and new worlds to discover. Capture every creature you can and train them to become extremely powerful. Switch to PVP mode and combat other players to put your monsters and talents to the test.

Monsters of Etheria have you collecting Etherians and training them to become the most powerful Etherian battler! In many aspects, this game is Roblox’s version of Pokemon, so if you like that genre, you should like it!

Roblox Monsters of Etheria Codes – Tested October 2022

Monsters of Etheria Codes codes benefit new and expert players since they frequently include perks such as free money. This page will be updated once the programmer receives fresh code.

Our Monsters of Etheria codes page might help if you’re looking for free stuff. These codes will get you free crates, credits, and even skins for your Etherians! You may gain a range of new things and money using the Monsters of Etheria coupons.

Because codes expire after an unspecified amount of time, you’ll want to utilize them as soon as possible. If you’re not sure how to redeem codes in Roblox Monsters of Etheria, check out the instructions below the codes list!

Monsters of Etheria Working Codes

The following is a list of all of the codes that are currently available:

Artsy2022350 Credits [New]
Sakura2022400 Credits
sub2TheConfidentDiamondTarabi Confident Skin

Expired Codes

The codes listed below are now unavailable rewards mentioned can’t be redeemed:

MidMay2022 Free Rewards [New]
QOLApril2022Free Rewards
sub2TheConfidentDiamondTarabi Confident Skin
NewMeshes2022500 Credits
HappyHolidays20211,000 Credits
AprilFools2021 2 Multi Crates
MidMarch2021 3 Multi Crates
LunarNewYear2021 YOTOx Braybug
FinalFortune2021 3 Multi Crates
Valentines2021 Gentle Dalladoodle
FinalFortune2021 3 Multi Crates
Valentines2021 Gentle Dalladoodle
DayThreeTreasure2021 2 Multi Crates
CodeWeekFeb2021 5 Regular Crates
sub2TheConfidentDiamond Tarabi Confident Skin
HolidaySeason2020 300 credits
Harvest2020 2 Multi Crates
HAPPYBDAY2020 BDay2020 Ignititan
Halloween2020 Eerie Tadbowl
AdCrates Multi-Crate
AdCredits Credits
TWOYEARS 300 credits
SpookySeason2020 300 credits
Sunshine2020 Sunshine Elekity
SummerFun2020 300 Credits
Independence2020 Starry Spectrability
HappyEaster2020 2 Multi Crates
CodeFix2020 1 Multi Crate
DaMap2020 5 Self Crates
Valentines2020 Caring Skin For Wanderwood
HappyLNY20 Special YOTRat Skin for Honumb
YearOfTheRat20 Special YOTRat Skin for Kungafoo
HNY2020 5 Self Crates
BlackFriday2019 Rich Flyden Skin
Thanksgiving2019 Harvest Skin for Cachick
FiveForFive2019 5 Self Crates
SelfReflectionFour2019 3 Self Crates
OneYearOfEtheria 3 Self Crates
HappyAnniversary2019 3 Self Crates
BackToSchool2019 3 Self Crates
RaidAtArea51 3 Self Crates
OneHundredEtherians 5 Self Crates
SummerAwaits2019 5 Self Crates

How to Enter Codes in Roblox Monsters of Etheria

Monsters of Etheria codes may be redeemed straightforwardly. We advise copying and pasting the codes directly from our list to prevent mistakes or extra spaces. Follow this step-by-step tutorial if you’re unsure how to claim the game’s prizes.

  1. Open Roblox Monsters of Etheria on your PC or mobile device.
  2. Choosing the “RP” game mode and going to town is the quickest way to redeem codes.
  3. Run over to the “General Shoppe.” You’ll be sent to a menu when you click the shopkeeper’s icon.
  4. The “CODES” button is located toward the top.
  5. Pick one of the codes from our list.
  6. In the text box, Paste the code.
  7. Press “Enter” key to get your rewards.

Any in-game bonuses or boosts should automatically show on your account when you’ve redeemed the coupons. Make sure you typed it correctly by checking it twice if a code says it is invalid.

How to Get More Codes

If you follow the game’s developer on Twitter, you can get extra codes. Otherwise, bookmark this page since it will be updated with the most up-to-date codes. We are always looking for new codes on the internet, and we double-check all of our codes once a month to ensure they are still valid. To see what is new, come back to this page.

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