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Roblox: My School Tycoon allows you to design your ideal school. If you’re dissatisfied with your existing school, show them how it’s done by selecting a variety of classes for your halls. You’ll be able to make more money and progress further as your school grows. With the help of all of the game’s players, create the best school imaginable.

Roblox: My School Tycoon Codes (Tested October 2022)

PersistentFloat’s My School Tycoon is a Roblox-based simulation. My School Tycoon is a new Roblox tycoon game. The goal of this game is for you to create your own school and fill it with students. The accumulation of money increases the resources to purchase particulars of the school, the greater the attributes to the school, and the student ratio enrolls. A comprehensive up-to-the-minute register of My School Tycoon codes to apply in getting a head start.

Ahead of constructing the school, guide the character to a giver machine. This giver is a means to obtain collateral funds for your school. Step on the multi-colored buttons to get furniture and accessories to outfit your classroom and school. The more tasks you do, the higher the rate of your school, and the more money you have to spend on building it. You must complete the current floor before going on to the next because the prices of jobs increase with each new floor you unlock.

The number of pupils will expand when classrooms are completed. You must complete missions to raise your school’s points. The assignments are contained in the book, located on the lower right side of the games screen.

Codes for My School Tycoon are a simple way to earn money in the game. Cash is utilized to expand your school in My School Tycoon. Codes can expire at any time, so use them while you still can. You can save this page as a bookmark to ensure that you don’t miss any future updates.

All Roblox: My School Tycoon for School Points and Money (Tested October 2022)

Below is the list of active and updated codes that you can use to redeem reward school points and money! We highly advise you to use the codes as soon as they are released because they will only last until their expiration. But no worries at all! We assure you that the codes here on our site are constantly updated by our monitoring team so that you won’t miss the rewards! Also, please input the codes EXACTLY how it was listed below to avoid errors. You can also copy and paste the codes from our list to make sure it functions.

Roblox: My School Tycoon Working/ Active Codes

DIRECTOR1500 School Points
MYSCHOOL3000 Money

Roblox: My School Tycoon Old/ Expired Codes

We created a tracker of the old and expired codes from Roblox: My School Tycoon, so if players want to see what codes have been deactivated, they can do so by checking the list below. If you were able to use these codes before they were halted, no worries about the rewards! All claimed rewards will not be lost even when the code has expired.

  • There are no expired codes, yet, as of now. Follow up for the next updates.

You can follow the game’s developer on Twitter for more updates about the game. You may also acquire news and updates, and interact with other players on the game’s official Discord server. We also make sure to keep our list updated on this wiki as soon as they’re available, so keep us on your bookmark by typing CTRL + D on your keyboard or using the Add to Bookmark button on your phone’s keyboard and check back often!

Those are all of the codes for Roblox: My School Tycoon that is currently available. You can share your suggestions and ideas with us in the comment section. Please let us know if you spot codes that have expired or missing so we can update our list as soon as possible! Happy reading, enjoy the game, and don’t forget to give us a thumbs-up!


How do I Redeem Freebies using the Codes in Roblox: My School Tycoon?

For those who are new to playing Roblox or those who don’t know how to input codes yet, you can follow these easy steps to redeem code rewards in Roblox: My School Tycoon:

  1. Launch My School Tycoon in Roblox.
  2. Find and tap on the settings icon on the right.
  3. Enter a working code into the code redemption box.
  4. Tap on the ENTER button to redeem the code.

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