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Rust remains the pillar of success in the survival games niche. This game was a pioneer in many ways, and while there are so many new survival titles which have broken records, like Valheim for example, some still tend to enjoy this classic, especially now, since the game is getting a huge rework. Textures, graphics, some mechanics, new additions, and so much more is to be expected in the new version.

Rust: Integrity Error Fix

Still, how can one enjoy the game, if they’re experiencing an error. Particularly, the infamous integrity error in Rust. While there isn’t an official fix for it, there is a solution.

Integrity Error Fix in Rust

Open up the Steam application, and then go to the Library. Look for Rust, then go to its Properties. Navigate to the Beta tab, and install the debug beta. Quickly run the game again and that should fix the integrity error.

Many suspect that this error is caused by some data corruption, and well, frankly, it got it in the name.

There seems to be a strong connection to data, and if for some reason this method didn’t manage to fix the issue for you, there are two other options. One is to reinstall the game from scratch, or, simply verify the game’s integrity of the files. The latter can be done through the Steam client, in the game’s Properties.

To be frank, this error has affected a huge number of people. Not only that, but it has been around for quite a while, i.e. players experienced it even when the game launched.

It wasn’t that big of an issue, as most Rust players already knew how to fix it. In any case, there is a possibility that it might get fixed with the new updates, and the rework of the game.

However, this is purely conjecture, as not much is known at the moment. The HDRP is now available for players to try out, on the official Public Test Server. It will be available from April 7th to March.

As of this moment, the most notable changes are the improvements to the game’s graphics.

Rust is a survival game, and it is available on: Windows, MacOS, & Linux.

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