Santa Monica Studios Reveals God of War Ragnarok Concept Art



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They game wasn’t able to beat out Elden Ring for Game of the Year 2022, but God of War Ragnarok was still a huge success, and was one of the biggest draws for PlayStation last year.

Santa Monica Studios Reveals God of War Ragnarok Concept Art

Just in, Santa Monica Studios has released some new concept art for the game, and it gives us a look at all the alternate designs for Kratos’ armor, as well as different character moments with Atreus, Odin, and the rest. Here’s the post:

Though Ragnarok does do a lot of revisiting of worlds from the first game, we do have a lot of great new weapons, characters, and creatures. Though I think that Kratos’ look is still pretty limited in the game, at least there’s more variety to his armor and weapons when it came to Ragnarok.

I personally was surprised by the design and characterization they picked for Odin. Though Odin is usually depicted as this old, grizzled warrior, Ragnarok decided to go another direction and have him be a small, manipulative mob boss that just orders gods like Thor around.

I’ll admit, I kind of wanted to see more of the different takes that they had for certain characters, but I guess they’re probably saving that up for the art book. I thought the alternate hairstyle for Atreus was an interesting direction, but I guess they didn’t want him to look too different from his appearance in the first game.

Join Kratos and Atreus on a mythic journey for answers before Ragnarök arrives. Together, father and son must put everything on the line as they journey to each of the Nine Realms.

Throughout stunning mythological landscapes, they’ll face fearsome enemies – from Norse gods to wild beasts – as they prepare for the showdown of their lives.

God of War Ragnarok is now available for PlayStation 4|5.

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