Scarlet Nexus: Environmentalism Quest Guide | Combo Vision Gemma


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Scarlet Nexus is full of difficult quests and side quests, and Environmentalism is no different. This side quest will require for players to do a combo vision with Gemma. But while it may sound simple a little preparation is needed to complete the move. This is an Environmentalism side quest guide, and you will also learn how to combo vision with Gemma.

Scarlet Nexus: Environmentalism Quest Guide | Combo Vision Gemma

Environmentalism Side Quest Guide – Scarlet Nexus | How To Combo Vision With Gemma

Like the Fire With Fire quest, the Environmentalism side quest will only be available during the stand-by phase 5 while playing as Yuito.

Again, in similar fashion to the other quest you will need to initiate it by going to the Musubi restaurant. From the entrance, continue forward and interact with the NPC in the corner on the left. She’s the Wild Animal Researcher and she will give you the quest.

Now, to do a combo vision, it is a bit tricky. Most players don’t know that there is a requirement to fulfill before you could actually do the move.

So, to complete a combo vision with Gemma players will need to have a bond level three with him in order to be able to do the move. Once you do though, there’s a specific place where it is relatively easy to do the move.

Travel to the Mizuhagawa District, more specifically, the Construction Site. There, you will need to eliminate the little enemies, so that an Auger Sabbat spawns.

Now, take the Auger Sabbat’s health down, close to 1%. Then, you will need to do a finishing blow with the combo vision. It is easy, simply press L1, and then the other keybind, for which the Gemma is put on.

If you don’t succeed the first time, there is no need to worry. Simply travel back to another location, and go back to the Construction Site.

Repeat the process until you get a finishing blow with the combo vision.

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