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To say that Scarlet Nexus is action-packed is a bit of an understatement. But this game does not only have fancy mechanics and graphics, oh no. In fact, it has a linear story line, with a lot of quests and side-quests for the players to complete. One such example is the Fire With Fire side quest. It is a bit hard to do, especially how to do the combo vision. Read on to find out.

Scarlet Nexus: Fire With Fire Side Quest Guide | How To Do Combo Vision

Fire With Fire Side Quest Guide – How To Do Combo Vision | Scarlet Nexus

This quest will only become available during the stand-by phase 5, while playing the game as Yuito. So, if you haven’t reached that point, you can’t really initiate the quest.

You will have to go to Musubi’s restaurant, and in the top-right corner of the restaurant you will find the OSF Solider’s Older Sister who will ask you to complete this quest- Fire With Fire.

And now, to do the combo vision with Hanabi you will need to have bond level three with her. Otherwise, it isn’t really possible.

Nevertheless, the next stage is to choose a location. There are many places to do it, but the best one so far is the Kunad Highway at the Suoh Exit.

After that, it is straightforward.

Simply finish off three Kitchen Rummy foes with combo vision. It is L1 plus whatever you have the Hanabi on. It is a simple move to do, so it shouldn’t take you a while to complete the quest.

Next up, open up the main menu, and go to your story tab, then to the quests tab. Find Fire With Fire and turn in the completed quest to obtain your rewards.

Scarlet Nexus does have a lot of similarities with Devil May Cry, but this game is a completely different animal. Compared to Devil May Cry, Scarlet Nexus has some distinct features which make it a strong and appealing RPG.

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