Scarlet Nexus: Infinite Multiplying Side Quest Guide | Doppel Pool Location


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Scarlet Nexus does have a linear progress line of its story. There are many side-quests which the players can come across, but in all honesty, they can get a little bit complicated. Not because the quests themselves are actually hard, it is actually the lack of information which is tough. Nevertheless, this is an Infinite Multiplying side quest guide, and we will also include the Doppel Pool location below.

Scarlet Nexus: Infinite Multiplying Side Quest Guide | Doppel Pool Location

Infinite Multiplying Side Quest Guide – Scarlet Nexus | Doppel Pool Location

Make sure that you’re at the stand-by phase 6 while playing as Yuito in order to actually get the quest in the first place. That can be done at the Suoh City Ryujin Ward, or the OSF Training Facility.

A little quest marker will pop up above an NPC there, and you will need to speak with her. She is the OSF Platoon Commander. After a short dialogue, accept the quest.

After getting the quest, you will need to go to a certain spot on the map- Kikuchiba or more specifically the Sub Level Underground Facility.

You will need to go down to the second floor of the underground facility in order to find the Doppel Pool. Now, this enemy doesn’t immediately spawn, or in other words, you will need to kill the little mobs so that Doppel Pool spawns.

Get the Doppel Pool’s health relatively low. Then, you will need to do a final blow, but that has to be done with Clairvoyance active, so that it counts as a successful blow.

But that is not all you have to do. This has to be done three times, which means, you will need to teleport somewhere else on the map, and then go back to the same location and repeat the same process in total of three times.

After doing so though, you can go to the main menu, then to story and quests, and from there you can turn in the quest in order to collect the rewards from it.

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