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Sea of Thieves has been out for a while now, and all of the pirate-enthusiasts all know of it. It has slowly become one of the most notable pirate and open-world games that is out there right now. Time and time again have players complained about some of its aspects though. The biggest issue that everyone has right now, is the fact that this game is fairly competitive, and yet everyone is prone to griefers and ultimately thieves.

Sea of Thieves: Can You Switch PVP Off

So, is there a way to play the game in PvE only, or some sort of a passive mode where other players cannot attack you or steal your stuff?

Passive Mode in Sea of Thieves

It is a big problem for some players when RPGs don’t have passive mode. However, one thing that is notable with Sea of Thieves is the fact that it says it in the name, “Sea of Thieves”.

In other words, that’s the point of the game, the anxiety that it produces for players after collecting some resources and then hitting the sea.

So, is there a passive mode in Sea of Thieves? Unfortunately, players cannot turn PVP off, and there is no passive mode in the game.

Many suggest that this game needs another gamemode rather than a PVP-off feature. That could be much better, because the gist of the game is focused around stealing, something that a PVP-off switch would kill.

On top of that, Sea of Thieves is working on a certain motto, and that is: “Tools not rules”. So, everything is on the table, which makes it much more interesting and rewarding.

At the moment, the developers haven’t spoken much on the topic, and whether a new gamemode should be anticipated. Looking at all of the variables, it seems like the logical thing to do.

However, for now, we don’t know for sure what’s the future path for Sea of Thieves. What is left to do if you want to avoid PVP encounters is not to welcome them.

Meaning, don’t use any flags, turn off all of your lights, put your shiny valuables in chests, and so on. It is not a great solution, but it is all that is left to do. Think of it as going incognito.

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