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Apex Legends become one of the top fast-paced FPS games out there. It offers a much more unique experience compared to other big-name titles like Call of Duty Warzone, Black Ops, and others. However, as Apex increased in popularity, so did the things that annoyed players. Quickly, a new intro was made for the game, and quite frankly, many aren’t fond of it.

Skip intro in Apex Legends | Remove Cinematic Intro

The particular intro that many players find a tad bit over the top is the Respawn cinematic. Quite frankly, it is very loud, and even though it looks cool, it can become annoying after a while.

Remove Respawn’s Cinematic Intro – Apex Legends

Because of the fact that it is a bit unnecessary to watch this video every time you launch the game, it led many to search for ways to remove it from the game.

Even though it might sound like an impossible task, there is actually a lot you can do when altering a few settings.Still, keep in mind that this might be patched or changed in the future.

To remove Respawn’s video intro, one must be on PC, otherwise, players on other platforms can’t remove it. Here is how to do it on PC:

  1. Open up Steam.
  2. Go to your Library, and then Apex Legends’ Properties.
  3. Navigate to Launch Options and type in “-dev”.
  4. Save and exit.

After that, there won’t be any Respawn intro on the beginning after you launch, and it will give you a “click to continue” menu.

Most of the comments on the thread where players explained how to do this, were witty and funny, and most of them were somewhere in the lines of “my ear drums will be eternally grateful”.

Nonetheless, it isn’t as though this is a poorly made video cinematic. On the contrary, it is much better than the one before. Still, the only drawback is that it is pretty loud, and players that open the game with headphones on, or speakers for that matter, get jump-scared.

There are other ways to remove this intro as well, but this one is the easiest by far. Others consist of altering some game files, which might cause some errors, and might not even work after updating the game again.

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