Seven Guardians Guide [Tips and Tricks]


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It’s time to prepare for the fight with these tips and tricks for The Seven Guardians! We’ll take you over the general combat, acquiring new units, upgrading units and The Temple of Heimdall with in Seven Guardians mobile game. If you would like to discuss about the game, join our Reddit community!

Seven Guardians Guide [Tips and Tricks]

In Seven Guardians you will be in control of an army of seven different units that you can summon to fight your battles. We’re going to take you through some general tips for combat, unit upgrades and what to farm.

1. Combat.

General combat is done either by auto play, or by you controlling your own units. Starting out you may find it easier to allow the AI to control your units but later in the game you will need to micromanage the units on harder fights.

In general you will find good success with summoning a Golem / Tank unit the first chance you get. As your primary tank he will take aggro until another unit runs past him and typically keeps enemy units from making it to the back line.

seven guardians combat

Your support tank has unique abilities. It functions as the base that spawns your units, health bar, and active abilities that you can use across the battlefield. These are free to use whenever they’re available and are handy to wipe out units quickly. They can also be upgraded for better stats and abilities.

2. Acquiring new units.

Acquiring new Heroes in Seven Guardians is as simple as clearing through the required stages available on the world map or in the Temple of Heimdall. Acquiring Hero Shards or getting them unlocked as a reward will allow you to summon your new or duplicate hero from the Shrine.

seven guardians heroes

There are several sub types of units such as Flame, Snow, Poison, Crown, Silver wing, Orc, Beast, Dragon, Seraph, Fury. Each sub category of units has their own special skill set. This becomes a choice of preference but you can typically tap on hero review and hear what the community has to say about that type of unit. Ultimately the choice is yours.

One good mixture of units is using flame, poison and beast units together. The beast tank unit will dash roll over enemies and knock them down, poison units provide a nice poisonous damage over time.

3. Unit upgrades!

Sacrifice units or hero tokens to upgrade your primary units damage, armor and HP. This allows you to increase the units stats beyond leveling them through experience points. This is also a great way to get rid of duplicate hero units. Heroes can go up to a +5 upgrade rating.

seven guardians heroes upgrade

You have to be careful when upgrading. You can fail hero upgrading if you use weak units, so there is a trade off between using a lot of weak units vs sacrificing a strong unit for a successful upgrade rate.

Units with higher star ratings will typically be stronger than some units with higher levels. So as you progress in the game keep an eye out on the number of stars a unit has before your sacrifice it as an upgrade or sell the unit off, it may be better than the unit you’re currently using. In some cases, you need to level it up a few times and it will be stronger than a unit that is 10-20 levels higher.

Generally you want to rank up your heroes as this increases their stats and changes their appearance to look a lot cooler, the only downside to ranking up a heroes (available around level 30) is that you lose all previous levels. 

4. Gearing up.

Each unit type has their own individual gear. Look for the icon in the bottom left corner of the equipment to know which unit type it belongs to for easy clarification. Gear can also be upgraded but you have to use other gear as material components.

I recommend holding and using all equipment you get in the early game before you decide to use it to upgrade a piece of gear. You don’t run across a lot of gear pieces in the early game and it would be wasted to use all of it just to upgrade one piece.

Use and save up gear for your tank, you will be relying heavily on this unit and it pays to have him thoroughly geared out until you decide on the type of team composition you want to focus on.

5. Sanctuary – Temple of Heimdall

The Temple of Heimdall is a dungeon like stage where only a select few of your units battle it out against the games units. These levels are mostly mirror matched in that you use the same unit types, for example you may have to use a tank, mage, cavalry and warrior vs matching AI units.

seven guardians temple

The difference is they may be below, at, or above your units levels and they may be of different types (fire, poison, etc.). This can be challenging if you don’t level your units equally.

You can only challenge a stage 3 times, much like the regular stages. But the difference here is on each stage of The Temple of Heimdall you complete, you have a shot at various hero shards and scrolls.

What you want to try and do here, once your characters are around level 10-15 is clear as many stages as you can. Then repeat all of the stages you have beat to quickly collect loot. You can use your Diamonds to refresh a stage if you so choose but I recommend holding on to those.

General Tips and Tricks.

  • Get your free hero every 24 hours.
  • Harvest Idun’s Tree for ration, supplies and items.
  • Collect rewards in the Missions and Challenge menu.
  • Use the play again button to start the 2nd and 3rd wave of the stage you’re currently on.
  • Temple of Heimdall is a great place to farm Heroes.
  • Go to the hero level up menu first, then use XP potions to see how much you will gain without wasting them.
  • Upgrade to Flame Archer and Flame Wizard as soon as possible for an easier early game.
  • Send tanks out first or faster units will get ahead and take aggro.
  • Keep different unit types to make additional parties

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