How to Get Viewer Points in SMITE


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Starting with Season 8, SMITE developers have migrated the viewer point system to the Twitch platform for easier management and simplicity. However, that has left some players in the dark about getting their points and claiming exclusive skins.

How to Get Viewer Points in SMITE

If you’re an avid Twitch watcher, the new system means you have to keep looking for the next viewer point milestones. But if you don’t watch Twitch, you should start because you get plenty of viewer-based rewards.

Here’s what you need to know about getting viewer points by watching SMITE streams.

What Are Viewer Points

Viewer points are a new currency introduced into SMITE to reward players watching their favorite SMITE streamers and esports events. With the migration to Twitch, any streamer can allow their viewers to gain viewer points just by watching the stream. Large events have the viewer point drop system enabled by default, allowing you to get rewarded for watching the action unfold.

Viewer points are used in the SMITE viewer store to purchase unique skins. Getting enough points throughout a season will also award you more skins.

The viewer store also allows players to buy regular god skins and other cosmetic items while those skins are in the store rotation for that patch. A constant cycle of available decorative items to purchase means players can accumulate a significant repository just by watching streams.

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How to Earn Viewer Points

To start earning viewer points, you need to link your Hi-Rez (SMITE) and Twitch accounts. Twitch will usually prompt you to do so when you start watching any SMITE stream, but you can also visit your account page to ensure everything is linked up correctly.

When your accounts are linked, you need to watch some streams! Here’s how the system works:

  • Starting every Tuesday, Twitch will track the time you spend watching SMITE streams.
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  • Every 4 hours of watching time, you can claim viewer points on the Twitch item drops page.
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  • There are seven drops total for the week, each giving 1250 points (doubled if you have the Viewer Pass).
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  • You need to claim the last item drop before the next one starts ticking down. That means you have to keep an eye on how much time you have spent watching streams.
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  • The platform will accumulate watch hours between sessions, and they don’t have to be consecutive. For example, you can watch for two hours on Wednesday and another two on Thursday to get one viewer point drop.
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  • If the Twitch stream is minimized, muted, or stops broadcasting SMITE, you stop earning any time towards the next drop milestone.
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  • Milestones are reset every Tuesday for the season.

Best Way to Get Viewer Points

One of the most reliable ways to get viewer points in the new system is to use a mobile device. Opening the Twitch stream on your phone with the minimum resolution and sound possible will still tick you up towards the next viewer point milestone.

Keep in mind that, in the current system, you have to claim a milestone drop before you can start earning points towards the next one. Leaving a browser idling for 12 hours without claiming a drop still counts only towards the next one. You have to refresh the Twitch drops page and get your reward in time.

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Why Haven’t I Received My Viewer Points?

Sometimes, the system takes a few hours between claiming a drop on Twitch and depositing the viewer points to your SMITE account. Playing a game or logging into the client again can refresh your account state and expedite this process.

Get Skins by Watching Streams in SMITE

Watching streams is one of the best ways to track your favorite team or player in SMITE events or interact with other people without playing the game. You can get plenty of rewards with viewer points while watching your go-to game on the big screen.

What will you do with your viewer points? Tell us in the comment section!

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