Sova Recon Bolt Lineups For Attacking on Fracture in VALORANT



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Fracture is VALORANT’s newest map with the craziest layout we have ever seen in any tactical shooting game.

Sova Recon Bolt Lineups For Attacking on Fracture in VALORANT

The new map will make players rethink how they can effectively attack either of the two bomb sites present in Fracture. The unique double attacker entry layout is something that thousands of VALORANT fans have been wanting to experience.

Dystopian Fracture

Fracture’s location is within a top-secret sector. As with every other map in VALORANT, the developers added real-world coordinates that, when looked up on Google, will take you to Fracture’s location in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

Almost every new map released in VALORANT was quickly followed by the release of a new Agent. In Fracture’s case, Chamber (previously known as Deadeye) is the newest addition to the VALORANT Sentinel Agent Lineup. It is to be expected as well that Chamber will play a significant role in Fracture lore-wise.

It was said in the Fracture lore that not one but two Chambers were responsible for the broken Radian Collider in Fracture. Why both Chambers set out to destroy the Radian Collider in Fracture is anyone’s guess at this point, only time will tell.

However, given Riot Games’ love for time travel and multiverse themes in their lore, we can expect the other Chamber to come from another timeline in the vast VALORANT universe.

Fracture is split right in the middle of the map where the huge Radian Collider is located. According to some of the lore, a failed experiment was the reason for the huge fissure on the ground, which split up the two sectors in Fracture. The result left one-half of the sectors in a desert-like environment, while the other half of the sectors were filled with life and greenery.

Ziplines are present around this Radian Collider area, enabling players to quickly travel from either side of the map.

There are two bomb sites: A-site and B-site.

What makes Fracture extra special is that Attackers can come from two different areas of the map simultaneously. The long zipline in the middle of the map enables Attackers to come from both sides of either bomb site before the start of the round. This layout forces defenders to either play for a retake or heavily stack one of the two bomb sites to increase their chances of effectively defending the Attackers’ push.

Sova Recon Bolt

Sova’s Recon Bolt is arguably one of the most valuable Signature Agent Abilities in all of VALORANT.

Recon Bolt is a cooldown-based Ability that refreshes every forty (40) seconds. Players can add up to two Bounces to the Recon Bolt Arrow, which opens up a world of possibilities in terms of lineups. His Recon Bolt also features a charge meter so Sova players can alter the total distance the arrow travels before it lands.

When used correctly, Sova’s Recon Bolt is the closest thing players can get to wallhacks without the repercussions associated with hacking. When placed at certain spots within Spike Sites, Recon Bolt can reveal most of, if not everything, inside the Spike Site. This makes it a very powerful tool when Attacking or Defending bomb sites.

Today we will be focusing on Attacker-side Sova Recon Bolt Lineups, which can increase your team’s chances of securing a bomb plant in any of the two bomb sites in Fracture. Let’s get started!

Fracture A-site Attack – A- Bombsite God Arrow

The first Recon Bolt lineup on this list is a God-arrow for Fracture’s A-site that aims to cover as much space in A-site as possible.

A-site in Fracture is a tricky location to Attack because almost every possible entryway into the site is a choke point. There are three possible areas where Attackers can come from on their way to A-site: Dish, A Halls, Ropes.

With this in mind, this first Recon Bolt lineup aims to clear out every close corner in Fracture A-site. This Recon Bolt lineup will force defenders to fall back into Defender Spawn or hold their ground in A-site Default, making it easier for you and your team to enter A-site safely.

  1. Look for this corner at the A-Dish area:

  2. Tuck yourself in the corner.
  3. Turn around and look for these vents.
  4. Place the bottom right corner of the Recon Bolt Charge Indicator on this corner of the vents.

  5. Charge the shot to two bars with no bounces.

When done correctly, the Recon Bolt should land on this corner in Fracture A-site:

And reveal almost all of A-site:

Fracture A-site Attack – A-site God-arrow from Alpha Sector Spawn

This next Recon Bolt lineup is very similar to the A-site God Arrow lineup from A-Dish.

Since there are two ways to enter A-site in Fracture thanks to the double ziplines, this Recon Bolt lineup will help Sova players fire the same Recon Bolt lineup as the one above, only this time from a different location.

This Recon Bolt lineup is great if you plan to go through A Halls to get into A-site.

  1. Look for these Boxes at Attacker Spawn:
  2. Tuck yourself in the corner between the gray oxygen tanks and the blue box.
  3. Look towards the wall above the Radian Collider.
  4. Place the left tip of the left HUD line just beside where these two steel sheets connect

  5. Charge the shot to two bars with no bounces and do a jump shot.

When done correctly, the Recon Bolt arrow should land at the same spot as the previous Recon Bolt lineup:

And cover all of Fracture A-site:

Fracture B-site Attack – B-site God-arrow

The next Recon Bolt lineup on this list is a God-arrow lineup for Fracture B-site.

Similar to Fracture A-site, Attackers will have to check a ton of angles on their way to B-site such as Generator, Canteen, B Tower, etc. Sure, your teammates might be able to smoke off some of these spots upon site entry, but having the ability to clear out the main bombsite itself is a very powerful ability early on in the round.

Fracture’s B-site has a ton of boxes and cubbies that Defenders can use to catch Attackers off guard. This Recon Bolt lineup aims to clear out as many angles in the default B-site area so that you and your team can take space towards B-site safely.

  1. Look for this corner at B Tree:
  2. Tuck yourself in the corner.
  3. Look up towards these leaves. Look for the leaf closest to the wall.

  4. Place the tip of the Shock Bolt icon on the bottom tip of this leaf.
  5. Charge the shot to two bars with no bounces.

When done properly, the Recon Bolt arrow should land on this wall inside B-site:

And cover most of the B-Default area:

Fracture B-site Attacking – B Tower and B Arcade Recon Bolt

This next Recon Bolt lineup aims to clear out the B Arcade and B Tower area. These spots are important spaces to clear since Defenders will most likely be lurking around these spots to stop Attackers from gaining more space towards B-site.

This Recon Bolt lineup is relatively quick and easy to execute, but it is still best to have someone cover you while you line up the Recon Bolt just to be on the safe side.

  1. Look for these boxes at the Bench Area:
  2. Tuck yourself in the corner between the wall and the yellow box.
  3. Look up towards the large building and look for this corner.
  4. Place the tip of the timer HUD line in the same corner.
  5. Charge the shot to the max with one bounce.

When done correctly, the Recon Bolt should bounce off of the Bench wall and land just outside of Ropes:

And reveal anyone inside of B Tower and B Arcade:

Fracture B site Attack – B-site Defender Spawn Entrance Recon Bolt

Fracture B-site is a little bit bigger area-wise compared to Fracture A-site. A single Recon Bolt will not be able to cover the entire B-site because of Recon Bolt’s limited radius.

With this in mind, we have to devise another Recon Bolt lineup that’s aimed towards a more specific area in B-site. This time, we turn our focus towards the B-site Generator and Defender Spawn Entrance.

  1. Go to the same corner at B-Bench as the previous Recon Bolt lineup:
  2. Tuck yourself between the wall and the yellow box.
  3. Place the left-click diamond just below this pipe bracket.

  4. Do a one bounce, max charge shot.

When done properly, the Recon Bolt will bounce off of the ceiling and land just behind Generator:

And ping anyone caught within the Generator and Defender Spawn Entrance:

Fracture Reconnaissance

That’s about it! These are very simple Recon Bolt lineups that you can use in Fracture. One of these lineups will require some practice as there is a jump-mechanic involved (A-site Recon Bolt from Attacker Spawn)

Sova players must stock up on as many lineups as possible for every map. This way, Sova mains will have a Recon Bolt for every situation, regardless of where they might be on the map.

These lineups will be a great addition to your Sova Recon Bolt collection. Try these lineups in Fracture when you happen to queue into the map. Your teammates will definitely thank you for at least one of these lineups.

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