How to Get Ability Chunks in Splatoon 2


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Splatoon 2’s gear is the perfect way to show off your style, but it also has practical uses. Depending on brand and rarity, a piece of gear can bestow abilities on your Inkling. If you’re looking for a way to reroll specific abilities on your gear, you’re going to need Ability Chunks – and a lot of it.

How to Get Ability Chunks in Splatoon 2

There are two primary ways to get Ability Chunks in Splatoon 2: scrubbing gear and playing in the Salmon Run game mode. Patience is key when farming for Ability Chunks because it will take money or lots of time to get what you need. Keep on reading to find out about the specifics.

Getting Ability Chunks From Scrubbing Gear

The best way to get Ability Chunks is to scrub your gear. You can do this by talking to Murch, the sea urchin. While you can order gear from him, he also has other services related to your equipment.

Scrubbing is how you’ll get the Ability Chunks you need. The process involves Murch “scrubbing off” a piece of gear’s secondary abilities. After scrubbing, players can get the Ability Chunks for 20,000 cash or 2,000 in the case of a Splatfest Tee.

If you have any low-level gear you don’t want, you can always let Murch scrub it for Ability Chunks. Buying gear for this exact purpose is also an excellent way to earn plenty of Chunks.

Playing in the Salmon Run

The Salmon Run is a game mode where multiple players collaborate and collect eggs. The better a player does, the more Grizzco Points they earn. They can also get Green Capsules, which drop Ability Chunks.

A normal Green Capsule has a 40% chance of dropping two Chunks and a 10% chance to yield four. Shiny ones always reward you with four Ability Chunks. If you don’t get either reward, you’ll receive 4,000 cash instead.

Pink capsules or showcased gear are also potential rewards.

If you get some gear you already own, you can get cash or Ability Chunks. The latter is only possible if the equipment comes with filled slots. Usually, gear obtained this way has blank sub ability slots.

Rerolling Gear

You can get Ability Chunks from rerolling gear as well. The previous sub-abilities will be converted into Chunks. However, this method isn’t very reliable, and it’s better to scrub gear instead.

Using Ability Chunks

Ten Chunks of a single sub ability allow you to add the skill to your gear. This price is when said ability isn’t present on the equipment already.

If the gear already has the specific ability, the price increases by 10 Chunks, and if two are present 30 Chunks. Replacing an ability yields a single Chunk, but filling an empty slot doesn’t.

Adding abilities this way is more reliable, as you can insert new abilities otherwise impossible to get by rerolling.

Wipe This?

By using Ability Chunks, players can craft the perfect gear for their builds and complement their playstyles. Optimum performance is how skilled Inkling consistently wins, but they also work hard to reach there. If you’re looking into building gear, now is the time.

What’s your favorite piece of gear in Splatoon 2? Do you like playing Salmon Run? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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